SenRa Collaborates with TEKTELIC to Accelerate LoRaWAN Adoption


SenRa, one of the leading LoRaWAN public network operators across India, has officially proclaimed its collaboration with TEKTELIC, a top-tier provider of premier IoT Gateways and Devices, today. The merger is primarily to facilitate the adoption of LoRaWAN as the benchmark networking solution all over the world for large areas.

As of 2020, this technology is charting a growth rate of more than 100% in terms of the number of devices connected with the networks. Currently, over 142 countries make use of LoRaWAN technology. This rapid growth itself is the direct result of the increasing virtual aspects and requirements of a layman’s regular lifestyle. In the modern context, LoRaWAN has a vast potential for applications. It can power a huge aspect of the world’s infrastructure - starting from smart waste management applications and automation processes in manufacturing industries to location tracking services and street lighting applications.

With the upgrades from 2G to 3G and 4G and now the imminent advent and popularisation of 5G IoT services, LPWANs, in general, remain an option with great potential. With most network operators choosing to offer a blend of cellular LPWA and LPWAN, these two complements each other’s capabilities and make one of the most efficient Industrial IoT wireless networking options.

In keeping with this trend, the Indian Government too initiated the objective of achieving better internet connectivity across the country in public spaces as well as private spaces as one of the agendas of the Smart Cities Mission in 2015. While the present merger is not restricted to the Indian context, it is appreciable that SenRa’s efforts towards the Smart Cities Mission have been supplemented by it.

The main purpose of this collaboration is to fortify the attempt to make LoRaWAN the standard of wireless networking for large areas. Following the rapid global acceptance of Ginjer, SenRa’s IoT Analytics Platform. SenRa wishes to sustain the effort towards the ultimate goal of refining its user experience without constant technical support. With a user base of over 40 countries across the globe,

SenRa’s recent move to roll out technical support for various TEKLETIC devices which are already existent on their platforms and in use for pilots and other projects in the MEASEA regions comes at an optimal time considering the increasing demand for IoT services today. In fact, SenRa has also started using TEKTELIC gateways which boost RF performance on a large-scale carrier-grade IoT deployment. This move is focused on its existing public Network roll-out strategy for India.

Speaking about the collaboration with TEKTELIC, SenRa’s CEO, Ali Hosseini said, “Teaming up with TEKTELIC was a no-brainer for us. We both strive to provide high-quality low-cost LoRaWAN services to our customers and I could not be more excited about this partnership.” Hosseini went on to talk about the paradigm shift in the IoT market toward reliable and effective solutions for the adoption of technology like LoRoWAN.

Sharing SenRa’s enthusiasm, TEKTELIC’s President, Roman Nemish said, “Partnering with SenRa to introduce scalable, reliable IoT solutions to the Indian market just makes sense. SenRa has made outstanding headway in the region by introducing practical IoT solutions that can be deployed quickly and simply, a common goal that we share at TEKTELIC.”

Fuelling the Government of India’s Smart Cities Project, SenRa is developing, establishing, and handling LPWANs pan-India, for projects which are in need of secure and reliable long-distance communication at affordable costs.

With 74 cities in its existing roster of cities in which it has already established LPWAN facilities, SenRa is on track to expand its services to 100 cities, all under the Smart Cities Project. Its goal is to deploy efficient, reliable, and cost-effective IoT Networks and Solutions by shaking hands with TECTELIC.

The partnership of a leading LPWAN provider and a leading IoT products and solution provider bodes well for the internet networking sector and all industries which depend on it, all over the globe. With the increasing requirement of constant internet connectivity, governments all over the world are attempting to make public access to reliable internet and network connectivity in public places more and more convenient. At the same time, cost-effectiveness is a major concern for governments and private organizations alike. A merger that aims to develop and deploy reliable network systems and solutions is a long-awaited and welcome move. This not only works on making the world a better connected one but also ensures that people have better access to the internet, which has now been designated the pedestal of a fundamental right in India.

Juhi Fadia is an engineer, analyst, researcher and writer covering advanced and emerging technologies.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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