ZEDEDA Teams Up with Accenture and Lanner to Open Up New Solutions for Edge Computing Deployments


In the business world today, almost everything is done digitally, which is why when it comes to designing and deploying Industrial IoT and edge computing solutions, only the best solutions will enable companies to focus on driving business outcomes. It is critical for companies to have edge solutions that balance the priorities of operations technology, such as safety and efficiency, with those of information technology, such as data protection and other privacy concerns.

While finding a solution that balances these two well along with being secure is no easy task ZEDEDA, ?the leader in secure, open orchestration for the distributed edge, has teamed up with Accenture and Lanner to offer business’ a new open orchestration solution, a cloud-native solution that delivers visibility, control, and security for edge computing deployments.

The new orchestration solution uniquely extends operational best practices for uptime, security, and simplicity to the field while also protecting valuable edge computing resources deployed outside of data centers using its unrivaled and state-of-the-art Zero Trust security architecture. The solution also delivers the ultimate flexibility by breaking down the restrictions necessary to deploy and manage compute nodes, something which makes the solution special from others, according to Jason Shephard, Vice President of Ecosystem at ZEDEDA.

“ZEDEDA simplifies distributed edge operations by enabling customers to deploy and manage compute nodes anywhere with no IT expertise required on-site,” said Shepherd. “An unparalleled out-of-the-box experience includes a built-in app marketplace for on-demand deployment of custom innovations and featured offerings from leading ISVs. By activating functions such as data ingestion, AI/ML, networking, and security, customers can instantly unlock the value of edge data to make real-time decisions, maximize operational efficiency and drive new business outcomes.”

The solution, while mainly built to increase digital efficiency, also upgrades a company’s cybersecurity at the same time. In an age where the Industrial Internet of Things enables unprecedented levels of real-time connectivity, visibility, and control across core operations, cybersecurity has also drastically risen as a priority for a business. By teaming up with Accenture, ZEDEDA was able to add their services for industrial cybersecurity architecture and deployment to the solution. Something which Chris Shaunfield, Principal Director at Accenture, says not only helps the solution stand out from others but also puts the solution ahead of the cybersecurity game moving forward.

“Conventional security is not enough to protect against proliferating cyber threats to both OT and IT systems,” said Shaunfield when asked how to approach industrial cybersecurity. “Industrial control systems (ICS) on OT networks have different operational requirements that impact the ability to adapt and respond to new cybersecurity threats – and open up new avenues for cyberattacks. ICS cybersecurity strategies are specifically designed with asset and operational requirements in mind to protect critical processes without negatively impacting efficiency, productivity, and safety.”

The Zero Trust Security architecture put in the solution by ZEDEDA and Accenture protects both a business’ edge computing software and hardware. Deploying valuable resources outside of secure data centers calls for increased safety measures, so ZEDEDA employs a Zero Trust security model with considerations down to the hardware level. Operating under the principle of “never trust, always verify,” ZEDEDA’s solution authenticates and approves requests at every point, not just the perimeter.

ZEDEDA also partnered with Lanner Electronics, an electronics manufacturer specializing in network appliances, industrial computers, embedded computers, vehicle PCs, motherboards, and related accessories. Lanner provided the industrial-grade edge hardware portfolio necessary to make the solution and market it to everybody, having built long-established expertise in hardware customization to meet a wide range of networking scenarios for the world’s top IT companies.

“ZEDEDA has built its orchestration solution for distributed edge computing from the ground up to strike this balance,” said Shepherd. “Thanks to Lanner Electronics and our Open Edge Ecosystem, we can provide a choice of industry-leading hardware, software, and services partners to deliver full solutions to the market.”

The solution will be demoed live at a joint webinar this Thursday, Feb. 25th, hosted by the ZEDEDA, Lanner, and Accenture. Shepherd and Shaunfield will be featured as speakers, as well as Ahmed Khalil, the American Business Development Leader for Lanner’s IoT division. The webinar will also inform consumers about key security considerations for Industrial IoT and edge computing. In order to attend the webinar, you can register here.

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