5G and the IoT - Trends to Consider for Segments and Use Cases


The advent of 5G cellular systems opens up a whole world of new possibilities. For businesses in key vertical industries, the time to plan for deploying and operationalizing 5G and an AI-enhanced IoT is now. The integration of these technologies into their digital strategies will have the opportunity to reap huge rewards.In this webinar, CJ Boguszewski, Pelion’s Head of Partners and Ecosystem deep-dives into a recently commissioned survey regarding 5G and the IoT, as well as Pelion’s expectation around the future of practical use cases on its platform.

Watch this webinar to:
- Discover the results that real IoT practitioners are anticipating from these initiatives
- Better understand how architectures are shifting to maximize gains from the technology evolution
- Gain insights on demonstrable business value that is expected to be driven by these emergent technologies
- Learn how to prepare to evolve and which strategies will be key to success

Watch this to get fresh insights into the commercial evaluation of 5G and IoT as next-generation business enablers.

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