With Ambitions to Accelerate Global LoRaWAN Solutions and Service, SenRa and Actility Team Up


PAN-India LoRaWAN public network operator, SenRa, recently announced a partnership and implementations with Actility, a company that develops and implements industrial-grade connectivity solutions. The efficient partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of LoRaWAN globally through the utilization of SenRa's expertise in connectivity services and data analytics coupled with Actility's product portfolio.

The companies say this will allow for increasingly rapid and large-scale deployments of LoRaWAN solutions across many IoT segments, including:

   -Smart Cities

   -Industrial IoT

   -Smart Buildings


   -Supply Chain

"Actility offers a variety of personal safety, proximity, and asset management solutions which enable us to address our customer's needs. We are already working together on several projects in wildlife conservation, smart factories, and the defense sector, and we look forward to the continued collaboration," said SenRa's Chief Executive Officer, Ali Hosseini.

"Our collaboration with SenRa is enabling a faster adoption of IoT solutions in India through the expansion of LoRaWAN networks and help both companies in offering advanced solutions not only to customers from India but globally," said Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility. 

Both companies have been fast at work, already implementing various go-to-market strategies to deploy end-to-end solutions across numerous verticals.

For example, through Actility's ThingPark Enterprise private network server and Abeeway asset management devices, SenRa's product portfolio has been enhanced to include LoRaWAN-based reliable indoor and outdoor tracking solutions, and Actility's offerings now include SenRa's end-to-end smart tracking solution, uFind.

Subsequently, as a subsidiary of Actility, Abeeway devices are also available to SenRa and offer an array of highly energy-efficient, reliable, and flexible geolocation solutions.

These solutions utilize unique tracking devices and a smart multi-technology location system explicitly optimized for LoRaWAN connectivity. The partners are currently in the process of deploying these solutions, enhancing human safety and asset management in areas such as:



   -Defense sector

The solution has also been extended and made beneficial within India with the widespread use of Actility's Proximity & Contact Tracing safeguarding citizens during COVID-19 by alerting individuals who are in violation of safety guidelines.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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