One Peak Provides EMnify $57 Million in Series B Funding


From startups to the enterprise, the IoT is here. Projections are reality, as visions of billions of devices powering Industry 4.0 propelling our connected world take tangible form. Cellular connectivity is central to IoT growth, and providers are positioning to deliver.

EMnify announced the influx of $57 million in Series B funding from London-based growth investor One Peak. The leading cloud-based platform for cellular connectivity plans to put the funds to work in fueling global market expansion. 

"In One Peak, we are not only gaining an investor, but a well-matched strategic partner with expertise in European founded SaaS scale-ups set for global growth. EMnify has come a long way in a short period of time and is perfectly positioned to use this capital and accelerate our market expansion and product development globally, with particular focus on the US market, “emphasized Frank Stoecker, CEO and co-founder of EMnify.

Berlin-based EMnify intends on doubling its team over 2022 to “supercharge” growth, building on nearly 80% revenue growth in 2021 with further research and development of its proprietary borderless cellular IoT technology, and targeting two key markets: The DACH region and North America.

David Klein, Managing Partner at One Peak explained, "We have been hugely impressed with EMnify's strong and capital efficient growth trajectory, its disruptive best-in-class technology stack, and its world class founding team. We believe the company has all the ingredients in place to become the global standard in cellular IoT connectivity and look forward to supporting EMnify during its next phase of explosive growth."

In leveraging the EMnify API and SIM technologies, startup or enterprise is capable of connecting and securing any type of IoT deployment to its application back-end. In addition, native cloud integrations coupled with no-code workflows ensure scalability with ease. 

One of EMnify’s key differentiators is its IoT Supernetwork, the single largest independent IoT network of its kind, supporting local access to 2G/3G/4G/5G, LTE-M and NB-IoT to more than 600 radio operators, in nearly 200 countries from over 25 cloud regions. And, part of its expansion plans is to add 10 new cloud regions in 2022.

The future is bright for EMnify and the IoT. Learn more about Industry 4.0, The Intelligent Edge, cellular connectivity and more from IoT leaders like EMnify at the upcoming IoT Evolution Expo June 21-24 2022. See you in South Florida!  

Edited by Luke Bellos
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