Spoke Makes Cycling Safer


A little more than three-fourths of bicycle accidents happen in urban areas where bicyclists ride near traffic, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Spoke, a mobility platform for safety, connectivity and rich rider experiences, is hoping to lower that tally significantly.

Spoke is creating an ecosystem of IoT-connected sensors and cameras to provide bicyclists and motorists with accurate and timely alerts that will be delivered over LTE and 5G. In an announcement by T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom, Spoke will use T IoT to help bicyclists and motorists share the road more safely. T IOT is a global IoT service from T-Mobile and DT.

“Spoke is looking to leverage IoT and 5G for global good, and with T IoT, they will have one team and solution to manage all their connections around the world — to help the most vulnerable on our roadways by connecting them to the mobility ecosystem around them,” said Mishka Dehghan, senior vice president, strategy, product and solutions engineering, T-Mobile Business Group.

Spoke’s UXware portfolio delivers a variety of safety, security, and ride enriching features, including traffic notification, route navigation, and more.  They are delivered via the Spoke App, the OEM's digital application or synched with existing third-party apps. Features can be accessed over the Spoke bike display or a smartphone.

T IoT is a comprehensive solution for global IoT connectivity, platform management and support. It delivers network connectivity spanning the full range of technologies to support most IoT scenarios. This includes NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE. and 5G. T IoT is optimized to help deliver near real-time connectivity at scale.

“T IoT supports the low-latency speed and massive data required to connect Spoke’s global network of hardware and software on the road,” said Jarrett Wendt, CEO, Spoke. “As a result, Spoke will deliver much more than peace of mind for cyclists. It will deliver a world-class user experience with ride-enriching features made just for them. T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom’s leading innovation makes them the perfect teammate for Spoke’s solutions.”

The current process of connecting vehicles to data is a time-consuming process of enterprise negotiations between network operators and IoT platforms. T IoT will power Spoke’s new hardware and software system to deliver near real-time information to bicyclists and motorists on the road. In the end, this will help prevent property damage, injury and could potentially save a life.

Edited by Erik Linask
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