Sternum Bolsters OpenWrt Device Security with Free License


The IoT space is lagging behind in terms of security practices. The reactive strategy is costly, slow and difficult to implement, owing to the often isolated and/or embedded nature of IoT devices and the increased velocity with which new vulnerabilities are disclosed. And even when fully mastered, it offers no protection from zero-day vulnerabilities.

OpenWrt, an open-source Linux distribution that powers millions of routers, including those deployed at critical infrastructure hubs, was vulnerable to exploits ranging from remote code execution to buffer overflow. This gave hackers the means to take control of a device. A successful IoT hack exploiting these vectors takes a toll on a business, resulting in downtime and data loss.

To bolster security on any OpenWrt device, Sternum, autonomous IoT security and observability platform, unveiled a no-time-limit free license for its platform. This is in addition to the premium license Sternum provides for RTOS devices and all other embedded Linux distributions.

OpenWrt device owners will deploy Sternum for free on up to three pieces of hardware through an in-field deployment process lasting only a few minutes. This will provide users with the company’s patented embedded integrity verification and analytics and detection system technologies.

“Integrating IoT security is perceived to be complicated to deploy and detrimental to the performance of the very devices it aims to protect,” said Natali Tshuva, CEO and co-founder of Sternum. “We decided to open our platform to OpenWrt community to show that it doesn’t have to be this way."

Sternum, with its free license and deployment model, is offering companies a way around security issues, empowering the OpenWrt community to easily experience a new standard for security and observability. Users can access the free license at

Edited by Erik Linask

IoTevolutionworld Editor

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