New L-com IoT Sensors Offer Precise Accuracy


Almost all office buildings and factories are connected to the network to collect data through IoT innovation. Sensors enable organizations to collect data and are used in various fields, including medical care, industrial, logistics, transportation and agriculture.

Wired and wireless connectivity products provider L-com expanded its line of sensors that address IoT applications. The new IoT sensors offer precise accuracy in measuring pressure, temperature, humidity, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, chlorine and turbidity.

L-com’s new sensors feature a micro-fused silicon strain gauge, a leak-free elastomer structure, integrated temperature compensation, independent pressure and temperature outputs and resistance to shock, overload and vibration. Applications include industrial process and control, automated detection, hydraulic and full-motion control, pumping stations and water treatment systems.

“There is a big demand for IoT-connected sensors,” said Tim Houghton, product line manager, L-com. “L-com is meeting this need with IoT sensors that are not only extremely accurate but rugged enough to deliver day in and day out.”

Some models for the new two dozen temperature sensors feature a sensitive platinum resistance element inside a 316L stainless steel probe and laser-welded housing compatible with gas and liquids. Other models have infrared sensors, a 32-bit CPU and an optimized lens for a more uniform beam and measurements within milliseconds.

New temperature switches, digital temperature transmitters and compact infrared sensors are used for ventilation, hydraulic, pneumatic, HVAC, water treatment and automation system applications.

The new temperature and humidity sensors include a duct-mount model for air stream measurements and two wall-mount sensors. Their applications include building automation, greenhouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical production.

Additionally, L-com is offering five new sensors for gauging dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, residual chlorine and turbidity in its new SRWQ series. These sensors are used in chemical production, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, desalination plants, petroleum refining, cooling towers and boilers and water treatment.

“By offering a wide range of sensors off-the-shelf with same-day shipping, we can meet our customers’ urgent demands,” said Houghton.

L-com’s new IoT sensors, in-stock and available for immediate shipment, are utilized in several industries to collect data and provide precise measurements.

Edited by Erik Linask

IoTevolutionworld Editor

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