Smart Eye AI Driver Monitoring Technology Keeps Roadways Safer


Driver Monitoring Systems are growing in popularity today to increase on-road safety and combine advanced technologies to save lives. At the same time, driver monitoring solutions help fleet managers manager their drivers and operations better.

The solutions utilize cameras and software to recognize whenever someone is at risk for a crash. Whether they’re drowsy or distracted, they use behavioral and facial recognition and issues warnings or alerts to focus the driver back to the task of driving.

Smart Eye, one company that develops AI-based Driver Monitoring software, is installed in over a million vehicles on the road today. As automotive and driver safety technologies become mandatory, the market opportunity will continue to expand.

“For the past 20 years, we have worked towards this important milestone, but I see this as only the beginning. In most of these first million cars, DMS has been an optional feature. Thanks to regulation and safety requirements, almost all the remaining car models we have won will have mandatory DMS in every single vehicle,”  said Martin Krantz, CEO, and Founder of Smart Eye.

The company’s road-ready Driver Monitoring Systems and next-level Interior Sensing solutions are being embedded in next-generation vehicles. The goal is to provide safer, more sustainable transportation and mobility experiences while also enhancing wellness, comfort, and entertainment while in the car.

Smart Eye currently works with 14 automotive OEM customers and six have already started building cars that include their DMS technology. Many of these models include cars manufactured by BMW since 2018 and come with Driver Monitoring as an optional add-on.

“To put things in perspective, if all 94 car models we have won so far were to reach peak production at the same time, we could be looking at a yearly volume of as much as five million cars produced with our technology,” said Krantz.

That’s a significant opportunity for the company but, more importantly, a tremendous step toward creating safer roadways.

Edited by Erik Linask
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