Unifed Office's IoT Service Enhances Restaurant Operational Performance


Almost half of companies plan to increase their investments into IoT, according to Gartner, and that is no different for the food service industry. IoT solutions enable restaurants to cut utility bills, reduce food waste, increase staff productivity and decrease working hours, all while tending to customer loyalty. It’s a winning technology-driven investment that benefits nearly every aspect of restaurant operations.

One of the challenges has been cost of entry – many restaurants haven’t been able to afford to implement IoT solutions, despite their benefits to their businesses.  Now, with more restaurants and SMBs looking to invest in IoT, Unified Office unveiled a more affordable, reliable sensor-based industrial IoT service for restaurants and other SMBs, called Total Connect Now Operational Performance Suite, or TCNOPS.

TCNOPS delivers improved battery performance – up to 10 years – and leverages  Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite to monitor and analyze IoT data collected from sensors and other internal intelligence through predictive analysis. The data collected will be available from the operational management portal on any device, anywhere, at any time.

The service will help restaurants automate and optimize infrastructure, food safety, operational efficiencies and compliance controls. Real-time tracking and alerts will enable restaurants to manage refrigeration, prep table, oven exhaust, thermostats, air conditioners, safe doors, security and video systems. Importantly, it can all be done remotely, from any location. No longer do employees need to be on-site to monitor equipment status.

“With TCNOPS, our supply chain can be more proactive than reactive. I can easily access the portal and see all of the equipment temperature levels and view other indicators and the walk-in door status, without having to be on-site,” said Rob Scheiper, Dominos franchise owner. “This enables us to review multiple locations more efficiently and act on anything that is not within our specifications.” 

TCNOPS, utilizing United Office’s patented, reliable and secure broadband network will help customers identify problems before they happen. As a result, this will prevent losses and interruptions while ensuring regulatory compliance for state and local health departments. 

 “Not only do people have important things to say, but machines do as well, and what they have to say is often mission-critical to a business,” said Ray Pasquale, CEO and founder of Unified Office. “They deserve the highest quality of service and the most reliable infrastructure, which has been out of reach to the SMB marketplace until now.”

Features of Unified Office’s TCNOPS service include:

  • Increased battery quality and reliability,
  • 10-year battery life,
  • New Industrial-grade sensors,
  • Predictive Analysis helps identify component failures before they occur and alerts management,
  • Loss prevention (e.g., being alerted if a freezer door is left open),
  • Supply chain education to proactively assist suppliers and contractors in identifying potential problem areas needing attention,
  • Real-time operational analytics utilizing Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite (VPSTM).
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance for state and local health departments,
  • Integrated with Total Connect Now, Unified Offic business communications service,
  • Data available from the Operational Management Portal on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Edited by Erik Linask
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IoTevolutionworld Editor

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