A Leap in Connectivity: Aeris Acquires Technologies from Ericsson to Support Cellular IoT


Across the blooming digital landscape of IoT, one of the most critical components we regularly touch on is connectivity. IoT devices are reliant on networks to communicate; with applications, servers, routers, sensors, gateways, or other IoT tools. So in designing and enhancing these connections, the transmission and utilization of real-time data is made possible, thus enabling IoT devices to perform designated functions.

As connectivity is such a major bridge that must be maintained and upgraded in order for IoT to consistently progress, related announcements are particularly significative. In this vein, we have news from Aeris, a San Jose-based IoT solutions provider. Aeris has acquired IoT business from Ericsson, a networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The two have signed an agreement for the transfer of Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud businesses and IoT Accelerator, the latter of which is used to manage more than 100 million devices (with 22 million eSIM connections globally) across more than 9,000 enterprises.

For Aeris and Ericsson, joining forces is a great fit. This will allow Aeris to provide more IoT connectivity solutions, as well as offer a more extensive IoT technology stack to be brought to market. And since the cellular IoT market is a somewhat fragmented sector, this acquisition is expected to accelerate it considerably.

“Aeris has been successful in extending its IoT solution offerings in connectivity and has the right focus, assets, and capabilities to realize the full potential of Ericsson’s business and its strong market presence,” said Åsa Tamsons, Ericsson’s Head of Business Area Technologies & New Businesses. “Despite investments to address the fragmentation of the IoT market, Ericsson has only tapped into a limited part of the value chain, limiting the returns of such investments. Our combined business will offer an unparalleled IoT platform for enterprises and new and enriched revenue streams for communication service providers, ultimately benefiting Ericsson’s customers. Aeris is a good home for our IoT business.”

As mentioned, the rising importance of global connectivity points right at necessities in reliability and security in the deployment, management and scaling of IoT businesses. Marc Jones, Chairman and CEO of Aeris, touched on this, as well.

“Building the best technology to support the success of our customers and driving innovation in the IoT space have always been at the forefront for Aeris. Our intelligent, software-defined IoT network and Ericsson’s connectivity management platform will provide the foundation to become a leading IoT technology stack in the industry. We look forward to bringing new, transformational IoT solutions and Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator and Connected Vehicle Cloud products to our customers.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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