LoRaWAN, IoTLogIQ, and Industry 4.0: Senzary's Finger on the Pulse of Industrial IoT


IoT is a space that somehow feels both novel and well-explored simultaneously. The power of IoT smart devices and the interconnective solutions therein are immense. The IoT market feels constantly in flux as businesses monitor trends, pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of expanding services, and bullseye the right answers to modernized questions.

So, given the favorable directions of IoT for 2023 and beyond, we wanted to discuss it more with Senzary, an IIoT provider of end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions and cloud services for power management, predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, machine health and more. Senzary will also be at IoT Evolution Expo, taking place from February 14-17, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Senzary is a Gold sponsor of IoT Evolution Expo.

Eric Schummer, Senzary’s founder and CEO, had this to say:

IoT Applications are achieving scale these days. What are your thoughts as to what is contributing to IoT's accelerating growth?

People are more confident in technology due to a combination of factors. Tech’s adoption curve has reached a point where many mature deployments and use cases exist, comforting people as they explore and conduct greenfield projects. The industry is also maturing; protocols, sensors, gateways, and other essential elements are becoming more interoperable. So in acknowledging what comforts consumers as well as what’s happening in the industry, companies like Senzary provide efficient end-to-end solutions and turnkey projects that will increase public confidence.

Do you think we have enough professionals skilled in IoT applications and deployment, or does the industry need to hire and train more people?

The demand for people with expertise in IoT applications and deployment is growing as more companies adopt evolving tech. While some companies do have the internal staff to work on these projects, others may indeed need to look externally. Training current staff members or hiring new personnel with the necessary qualifications can both prove beneficial in order to maximize IoT’s potential.

Private networking, be it with LoRaWAN or cellular, is on the rise. What are your thoughts about these trends and what we should expect in the future?

Private networking, particularly through LoRaWAN and cellular networks, is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is likely to continue as technology matures and more organizations recognize the benefits of private networks that fit their unique needs.

In regard to LoRaWAN, Senzary has announced its new status as a LoRaWAN certified carrier for IoT applications services.

While cellular can be a great backhaul, LoRaWAN conquers new ground as both public and private networks continue to be deployed. Take, for instance, our partnership with Kerlink; this enables enterprise customers to deploy any number of gateways in an automated manner. Senzary managed SIM cards also provide remote management for entire solutions, without affecting the security of customers' networks.

Where are your focuses regarding cybersecurity in 2023?

Senzary focuses heavily on IoT security so users truly trust their data, can manage it securely, and have it protected from malicious intruders. As IoT devices are increasingly vulnerable to cyberthreats, cybersecurity is an ever-essential tool in protecting our customer data. So, Senzary provides a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products and services designed to do just that. They include basic network protection and advanced identity and access management tools, plus cloud security and risk assessment services for IoT implementations.

How has your company changed in the last few years? What IoT applications or technologies are driving your growth?

Senzary has made major advancements in its use of IoT technology this past year. They include:

  • LoRaWAN roaming, allowing customers to provide application services and roaming capabilities to wholesalers, MSPs, and ISPs globally.
  • Asset tracking is a major driver for multiple verticals, so Senzary provides innovations like our nanotrack service.
  • Edge IoT Industrial devices, which are and will continue to be pivotal in plug-and-play IIoT capabilities.
  • Airport-specific solutions are a specialty we’ve undertaken; we offer solutions that cover warehousing, terminals, tarmac, parking garages and more.

In addition to new advancements, Senzary’s core package addresses our ability to serve high-demand customers with enterprise-grade services: central infrastructure for IoT (i.e. sensors, mediation platforms, LoRaWAN application servers, integrations, etc.), certified wireless sensors and I/O modules (Senzary has a portfolio of ATEX and NON ATEX-certified sensors for most usual commercial and industrial cases with full support), and other tried-and-true applications from a number of partners. (Like machine failure diagnostics, services for temperature-sensitive supply chain analysis, and more).

Is there any recent news from your company you would like to talk about?

Yes, we have a few announcements:

  1. As mentioned, Senzary is now officially a LoRaWAN carrier, allowing us to roam across all networks, providing LoRaWAN application services to wholesalers, MSPs and ISPs globally.
  2. Senzary, in record time, has implemented emission control (ESG) for Panama Canal deployment. (i.e. a LoRaWAN network with Kerlink gateways across the Panama Canal; from the Atlantic to the Pacific in just a few days!) This feat was accomplished by integrating to the maritime ASI system, obtaining vessel information, correlating data to the sensors (Synetica and Milesight), and using Senzary IoTLogIQ platform. This allowed us to swiftly interconnect specific So2 measurements with individual ships at specific locations.
  3. We’ve partnered with Advantech and Actility to deliver an all-in-one, powerful IoT infrastructure in a compact smart device via the UNO-EDGE-IoTLogIQ. This partnership made a lot of sense; Advantech focuses on developing reliable products for industrial computing applications in IoT, and they produce rugged hardware, edge intelligence, embedded software, cloud services and system integration. Actility is a provider in the space of low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) solutions, focusing on the process of data capture and data mediation for quick and successful turnarounds.

We saw some big mergers/acquisitions in 2022.  What should we expect in 2023?

Expect more consolidation and new players on various fronts. Also, having granulated solution providers in IoT is a sign of healthy maturation, but will require consolidation with niche players.

We have experienced some supply chain issues across a variety of industries. How has this made the use of IoT more essential

IoT has not escaped the supply chain crunch.  That said, IoT is quicker and simpler to install than traditional sensors or equipment, and this achieves an ongoing balance in cost-savings and data processes.

Some IoT solutions are more fascinating than others – for example, the IoT rat trap or the living wall. What IoT applications have you implemented or heard about that caught your attention?

Well firstly, Senzary’s nanotrack service is a great example on how to turn innovative sensors into a service that helps businesses improve supply chain understanding.

I am also very passionate about automate diagnostics for rotary machines: Asystom and NKE have very smart sensor services for predicting machine failures, too.

If you had a magic wand, what would you do to progress the industry?

In my opinion, Senzary has a magic wand, of sorts. We’ve got a great team and a great partner ecosystem that perform tech miracles and work tirelessly on the automated onboarding of sensors, advanced compact computing devices, LoRaWAN and other much-needed public deployments in IoT.

If you are speaking at IoT Evolution Expo 2023, what is the session and why do you believe it’s an exciting one for attendees?

In addition to addressing several topics in the conference program, our session in the IoT Solutions Theatre (5:00 PM EST on Wednesday, February 16) will showcase our edge IoT box, the Panama Canal project, and our nanotrack services. Can’t miss it! Visit us in Booth #659 to hear more.

Edited by Alex Passett
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