The Future of Digitalization: An IoT Conversation with People10 Technologies


In tech years, it hasn’t taken long for the yawning reach of IoT to rewrite playbooks for small-sized startups and global players and others in-between. The past decade alone is proof of this. The bona fide transmogrification of applications and deployments via IoT has touched industries left and right; smart agriculture (i.e. agricultural drones, greenhouse automations, livestock monitoring), smart energy (i.e. remote asset monitoring, grid balancing, power solution optimization), manufacturing in innumerable revolutionary ways, healthcare and finance and much more. Demand for the advantages that the unrolling of IoT can deliver is through the roof right now, and projections see it blowing sky-high.

To discuss IoT further, we had the opportunity to speak with Nisha Shoukath, President and COO of People10 Technologies, Inc. As a sponsor of this year’s huge IoT Evolution Expo (Booth #234), People10 is well-versed in the Internet of Things.

Shoukath had this to say:

IoT Applications are achieving scale these days. What are your thoughts as to what is contributing to IoT's accelerating growth?

It is truly amazing how fast the IoT industry is growing! There are several factors that are adding to its accelerated growth. One key factors is the hardware – sensors and connected devices have become way more affordable, making the implementation and access to IoT solutions more cost-effective. Wireless technologies have also become easily accessible in the last few years to support this seamless connectivity. Open-source platforms and standards that enable faster development for IoT solutions make it simpler for developers to create and deploy much more quickly. And while the development and deployments are happening fast, businesses are also leveraging the data generated by IoT devices to get valuable insights and improve their efficiencies. This, in turn, is incentivizing organizations and governments to invest in innovative IoT initiatives for potential cost-savings and the generation of new revenue streams. IoT awareness and acceptance is increasing among consumers, driving the demand for connected products and services in households and various industries alike.

Do you think we have enough professionals skilled in IoT applications and deployment, or does the industry need to hire and train more people?

       Nisha Shoukath

The demand for IoT skills is increasing as the number of IoT applications and deployments grows. According to a report by the International Data Corporation, the global market for IoT services is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2027. However, there is currently a shortage of people with the necessary skills to design, develop, and deploy IoT solutions. This is likely due to the fact that IoT is a relatively new field, and the necessary skills are not yet widely taught in traditional educational institutions.

So, many organizations are finding it difficult to hire and retain the right talent to support their IoT initiatives. To address these skills gaps, many companies are investing in training and development programs for their existing employees. Additionally, there are also a number of universities and online learning platforms that now offer courses and certifications in IoT-related subjects.

In short, while the industry may currently have a shortage of people skilled in IoT applications and deployment, there are efforts underway to increase the number of people with these skills. The industry needs to continue to invest in training and development programs to meet the growing demand for IoT expertise.

In that vein, how do you go about training people in IoT development?

We train our developers on the IoT stacks, security, cloud and scripting languages through structured learning sessions. They get hands-on experience with various IoT platforms and applications, conduct research, and make solutions through our innovation labs. Developers get to freshly experience the hardware and write APIs to connect devices, manipulate the data, deploy and test. Though theory-based learning is important, each IoT solution is a different use case that requires specialized focus, so training comes down to a combination of various methods.

Private networking, be it with LoRaWAN or cellular, is on the rise. What are your thoughts about these trends and what we should expect in the future?

Private networks provide secure and cost-effective implementation of IoT.  The demand for private networking will further increase in the near future, as it allows for more reliable communication between devices, plus the ability to segment and manage different types of devices and data.

Technologies such as 5G and LPWANs will usher in new capabilities like ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth, and more reliable communication; this will empower the widespread adoption of private networking for IoT deployments. This makes it particularly well-suited for applications like smart cities, industrial IoT, and agriculture. Currently, The cost of implementing a private network using LoRaWAN or cellular technologies can vary widely, depending on the size and complexity of the given deployment.

Overall, we can certainly expect to see an increasing number of private networks being deployed as more organizations turn to these technologies to support their IoT initiatives.

How has your company changed in the last few years? What IoT applications or technologies are driving your growth?

People10 has been delivering robust IoT solutions to our customers for the last 12 years. We’ve built IoT solutions in industries like manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail, and edutech. These solutions have included, but aren’t limited to, down-time monitoring of industrial equipment, remote patient monitoring, patient tracking, telematics and vehicle tracking, store analytics and supply chain management, and real-time, video-based classroom evaluation.

As we are an expert full-stack company that devises solutions across industries, our domain expertise and our skillsets in developing enterprise-grade applications (i.e. ones that combine APIs, cloud, AI/ML and data analytics with modern tech stacks) make us an ideal partner for building additional IoT solutions. In the future, we expect more IoT development needs to emerge from industries worldwide, both for consumer-based use cases and in industrial automation.

Is there any recent news from your company you would like to talk about?

People10 has been growing exponentially and has built world-class technology solutions for our enterprise customers. We’ve had a fantastic start to 2023, with several new projects kick-starting with new and existing customers. We recently got ‘Great Place to Work’ certified, and there is a renewed emphasis on taking care of our employees and their well-beings. We are also in the process of accelerating more technical training programs across the organization.

We are on a fast-tracked growth-path in 2023, and we’ve already geared up to showcase our expertise at various tech events this year in the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, Germany, and Canada.

We saw some big mergers/acquisitions in 2022. What should we expect in 2023?

People10 is widely becoming one of the most sought-after mid-size companies in the M&A market, based on its stable track record, customer base and growth-path. Our company is known as a niche player for high-end deliveries and great people in the product development space. Our current focus is purely on the company’s growth and expansion and executing more projects, while keeping the deliveries world-class and our customers happy. We’re incredibly excited for how the rest of 2023 will look for us!

We have experienced some supply chain issues across a variety of industries. How has this made the use of IoT more essential?

There have been numerous challenges in the supply chain in recent years, including global shortages of essential items, transportation delays, sustainability concerns, and security threats. IoT can definitely help solve these challenges through solutions in sensor-based inventory management, product tracking across the supply chain, predictive maintenance of vehicles and equipment, transportation and cost optimization, environment monitoring to avoid product spoilage, and video and sensor based quality controls.

At People10, we’re building extensive solutions to resolve supply chain and logistics problems of our customers.

Some IoT solutions are more fascinating than others – for example, the IoT rat trap or the living wall. What IoT applications have you implemented or heard about that caught your attention?

We have implemented very complex use cases in sectors like cement manufacturing and mining (i.e. for predictive maintenance of heavy equipment), and we find that such unconventional use cases can be more fascinating. (Like the projects we did to analyze video-based evaluation in classrooms, as well as the computation of insurance premiums  by analyzing driver behavior from vehicle sensors data.) We’ve even dipped our toes into use cases like automatic sensor-based feeders for poultry farms! 

If you had a magic wand, what would you do to progress the industry?

We’d wave that wand over the implementation of security measures! As IoT is becoming more widespread and critical, the implementation of robust security measures is necessary to protect against cyberthreats and to ensure data privacy.

Why are you excited about IoT Evolution Expo 2023?  Why should attendees be sure to stop by your booth in the exhibit hall?

People10 is thrilled to be part of IoT Evolution Expo 2023 as a Gold Sponsor. Our award-winning software development teams will help expo attendees understand how we implement top-quality, fast solutions for IoT. We look forward to connecting with other industry leaders and innovators at the event and sharing our expertise with all the attendees.

Do visit us at our Booth #234!

If you are speaking at IoT Evolution Expo 2023, what is the session and why do you believe it’s an exciting one for attendees?

Our IoT Evolution Expo schedule is certainly busy! Here are our details.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 2:45 PM EST – We will be involved in a panel discussion on the topic of “IoT Development: Where Experience Counts” where we’ll share insight on the challenges of IT-OT integration and how an experienced IoT solution partner can help solve those problems.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST – We will be presenting at the Solutions Theatre, covering challenges and best practices for implementing IoT on legacy systems.

Throughout IoT Evolution Expo 2023, we’ll be sharing our unique perspectives and approaches that have enabled us to solve IoT hurdles for our customers. These sessions are cannot-miss events for those looking for better understandings of IoT!

Edited by Alex Passett
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