Data in the Right Hands: A Look into Data Activation Company, WANdisco


According to DataProt, provider of cybersecurity research and product reviews, nearly all signs point to progression as far as IoT is concerned. DataProt found that, in 2021, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices; that number is expected to surpass 25.4 billion by 2030. Approximately 83% of organizations have improved efficiencies via IoT tech (i.e. 94% of retailers alone agreed that its benefits outweigh risks) and, within the next couple of years, the amount of data generated by IoT devices is projected to reach 73.1 ZB (with a ‘Z’; you read that correctly).

So the IoT market is basically Jack’s beanstalk, in terms of growth. That’s the magic, but where’s the catch?

One focal point of concern is data activation and security. As hardware currently accounts for around 40% of the market’s value (and the number of connections is expected to skyrocket to 3.5 billion this year), securing data and how it’s transferred is paramount. Yes, IoT-enabled devices achieve highly extensive functionalities, but if these aren’t properly secured – as many unfortunately aren’t – repercussions could prove dire.

Enter WANdisco, a data activation company with solutions for securely accelerating digital transformations at scale.

As IoT data volumes surge and demand for secure data activations rises, WANdisco has seen appreciable successes. The company recently reported a whopping 967% growth in 2022 bookings (up to $127 million – up from the $11.9 million the year prior).

To answer why (and to continue the ever-important data tie-in), let’s take a more dug-in look at WANdisco’s 2022.

In February, WANdisco made a permanent move to a four-day work week in order to attract and retain talent, improve workers’ well-beings, and increase productivity via a workplace culture with real trust and empowerment.

In May, WANdisco launched Edge to Cloud, making it possible for exabytes of sensor data trapped in edge computing environments to be transferred to a cloud of choice. In moving IoT and file data across edge systems, data centers and public clouds, Edge to Cloud keeps data protected, available, and free from becoming trapped in silos that prevent the full realization of its value. The long-story-short of it is that, in terms of moving large volumes of critical data, Edge to Cloud meets a growing demand and makes this as easy as clicking a button.

Finally, in December, WANdisco released the next generation of its Data Activation Platform, making it even simpler to move large-scale datasets.

So, WANdisco’s workers were more productive and content, Edge to Cloud drove tenfold increases in successful data operations, and its Data Activation Platform added more sought-after functionalities for organizations. Therein lies the secret sauce for WANdisco’s record businesses performance, as its CEO David Richards noted.

“2022 was a record-breaking year,” Richards said. “Driven by our diverse investments in product, people, and IoT, we've captured a massive opportunity to be the go-to partner for any enterprise looking to reap the benefits of their IoT investments. And, most importantly, we built a company-wide foundation for growth across our product and patent portfolio, deep bench of talent, and our agile commercial go-to-market capabilities. IoT is transforming the world around us and the possibilities are endless, but the underlying challenge for data leaders is singular: securely activating sensor data."

Enterprise-scale data transfers with unrivaled security and speed. In the protean age of IoT, that’s what WANdisco provides.

WANdisco is a Gold Sponsor of IoT Evolution Expo 2023, taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from February 14-17, 2023. Explore the disruption and opportunity IoT and its related technologies are creating at the IoT Evolution Expo, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience. Participate in more than 100 business and technology conference sessions, workshops and keynotes, meet key suppliers in the exhibit hall, and network with prospective partners and customers during the many networking and other special events during the week. WANdisco will be found in Booth #154.

Edited by Alex Passett
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