New Smart Level Monitoring Solution from Actility, Pepperl + Fuchs, and


For those unfamiliar (or for any in need of a refresher), smart level monitoring and management refer to the use of IoT sensors to precisely measure and consistently monitor the levels of liquids (or similar substances) in tanks, containers, and other storage vessels. This monitoring can be conducted in real-time (or on periodic bases, settings dependent), and the importance here is not to be underrecognized: Monitoring vessels’ contents creates valuable insights for experts, as it can point to areas of improvement for operational efficiencies, safety assurances, and cost-saving opportunities. It also helps organizations optimize inventory management, prevent undue overflows, spills or equipment damage or downtime. These are only a few examples; the comprehensive list goes on.

Enter a multi-pronged partnership announced in late February: Actility, in a joint effort with Pepperl + Fuchs and, now offers a fresh IoT solution for smart level monitoring and management.

Let’s break this down with the what, how, and where:

  • What is it? The Actility - Pepperl + Fuchs – Smart Level Monitoring Kit (i.e. abbreviated as SLMK, for the purposes of this read) is a smart level wireless and battery-operated monitoring and management solution for remotely monitoring fill and water levels of containers, tanks, silos, rivers, lakes, and flood basins. The SLMK uses LoRaWAN connectivity and includes Pepper + Fuchs’ WILSEN.sonic.level wireless level sensor, the LoRaWAN Network Server and Management platform from Actility, and’s IoT platform.
  • How else does it function? The SLMK’s sensors transmit filling levels, and its GPS data enables the smart-tracking of containers and related assets (as well as info like temperature readings and battery charge status for predictive maintenance capabilities). The SLMK helps resolve non-interconnected waste management challenges that in-person crews have to manually face; the kit’s automation and remote functions ensure that containers aren’t repeatedly collected, for instance. Users can set predetermined levels, as well as alerts for when levels are reached. It’s that easy.
  • Where can this solution be applied? The kit can relieve farmers of tiring inspection rounds in the area of smart agriculture, it can transmit geolocation data over long distances for flood protection efforts as part of smart environment initiatives, and smart city settings can benefit from its highly intelligent disposal management and smart recycling features (in which filling levels can also detect used glass, old clothes, and other recyclables for proper collection).

Also included are additional sensors that can be set to record at adjustable time intervals (and can be synced with the WILSEN mobile app), plus a pre-installed and configured LTE gateway for SMBs or other area use cases (e.g. private parking, school campuses, or exhibit centers).

Actility, Pepperl + Fuchs, and together have devised an IoT solution that even beverage, dairy, petroleum, and pharmaceutical sectors are getting behind.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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