Guardforce AI Secures Innovative AIoT 'Robot Advertising' Contract in Macau


We know IoT. (The Internet of Things.) There’s also IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things), CIoT (the Consumer and Commercial Internets of Things, depending on the person defining it), MIoT and IMoT (the Medical Internet of Things and the Internet of Military Things) and more “of Things” no doubt. Gratuitous acronyms can make one’s head spin, but each “oTs” listed here is no less important.

Well, part of that “and more” includes AIoT, or the Artificial Intelligence of Things. AIoT covers the integration of AI with IoT devices, sensors, etc. AIoT opens the door for AI-powered task automation for improved efficiency, improved real-time decision-making and analytics aggregation, increased safety protocols via AI, and other services thought to be impractical (or simply not possible) by combining AI with the connectivity of our IoTs.

Enter Guardforce AI, or GFAI. GFAI is a global integrated security solutions provider that takes its more than 40 years of professional experience and focuses on developing a plethora of information, security and logistics services, AI, and Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) capabilities. Towards the end of February, GFAI announced that it’d signed a Robot Advertising (RA) AIoT contract with a local Macau government office. In doing so, the promotion of shows, exhibitions, and forums on GFAI’s actual robots will take place over 20-week period.

With an AIoT RA project model, advertisers will be able to publish ads on GFAI’s robots and make supplementally informed decisions with rapid data feedback from GFAI’s Intelligent Cloud Platform (ICP).

More acronyms, sure. Nevertheless, this is big news.

Through AIoT RA services and its ICP, between 400-1,000 GFAI robots will be utilized as marketing intermediaries and placed at the entrances of office and residential spaces, restaurants, and hotels. The ads on GFAI robots will support the promotion of major events in Macau, such as the Macau Art Festival or the Macau International Music Festival.

“Macau is well known as a preferred destination for meetings, exhibitions, and conventions, making it an ideal location to showcase our innovative AIoT RA model,” said Olivia Wang, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of GFAI. “Macau has witnessed significant growth in tourism, given the easing of travel restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drawn in natural traffic to advertisements.”

“These benefits,” Wang continued, “include the ability to deliver interactive ads, as well as display ads based on different scenarios to better address the target audiences. The ability to leverage data analytics also provides advertisers with continuous feedback, thereby making it easier to refine targeting and achieve intelligent, high-quality, and cost-effective smart advertising. We look forward to accelerated growth this year through our AIoT RA model, both in Macau and in other important markets around the world.”

The future is upon us, it seems.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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