Kudelski IoT Provides Secure Services to Manufacturers Adopting Matter


The Internet of Things (IoT) is as fickle as it is fascinating. Everyone’s got varying IoT definitions these days, and its extensive use cases cease to inspire.

Still, there are, indeed, constants in the realm of IoT. One such constant is the need for businesses that legitimately understand the Internet of Things; where it’s headed, and how to best harness it. Bringing trust and interoperability to consumer IoT devices is a must in 2023.

Now, enter Kudelski IoT. Part of the Kudelski Group, a dynamo in digital business enablement technologies (that encompass digital content security, public access, cybersecurity and, of course, IoT), the Kudelski IoT division provides end-to-end IoT solutions, product design, and full-lifecycle services to IoT device manufacturers, end-user companies, and ecosystem creators at large. Making this possible are Kudelski Group’s 32 offices around the world and more than 3,250 experts redefining strategic securities.

Earlier this quarter, Kudelski IoT announced that it is providing a vast array of security services and technologies to manufacturers adopting Matter, the universal connectivity standard for smart home devices from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). So, it’s now official: Kudelski IoT has been approved for Matter by the CSA as a Product Attestation Authority (PAA) and Certificate Authority (CA).

In simple terms, what does this mean? What are the impacts?

Here’s the long story short of the matter (pun intended):

As the whole IoT industry is taking Matter very seriously, Kudelski IoT’s Matter CA Service enables companies to quickly and easily get scalable access to what are known as Device Attestation Certificates (DACs). Trusted, Matter-certified devices that provide truly frictionless smart home experiences are more widely adoptable with this push.

For more context, Matter’s four main pillars are very relatable: simplicity, reliability, interoperability, and security. Matter is virtually synonymous with consumer assurances. And so, manufacturers using Kudelski IoT’s platform can manage the security lifecycle of certificates and IoT devices in their own dedicated, cloud-based applications. In the factory and in the field, Kudelski IoT provides solutions for the secure provisioning of certificates into key devices. This proves cost-effective and lends accessibility to a more complete portfolio of services to help effectively design, build, test, and manage.

“Kudelski has a very diverse and long history in securing large-scale systems for the markets that need it,” said Kudelski IoT’s Senior Vice President Hardy Schmidbauer. “We also operate Kudelski Security, our division dedicated to tailored cybersecurity solutions to help enterprises and public sector institutions assess risks and protect their systems. We’re proud to have the industry expertise to make Kudelski IoT happen.”

 “And what differentiates us,” Schmidbauer continued, “is that we’ve secured all of the products and services required to help architect security and the testing of IoT devices long after initial design. We readily engage in the ecosystem and provide validation for advanced IoT applications.”

I thankfully had the opportunity to hear all of this directly from Schmidbauer himself. As we met, I also heard from Kudelski IoT’s Senior Marketing Director Christopher Schuoten.

“It’s important to note that we aren’t just developing, either,” Schuoten clarified. “We also use these technologies in our own solutions. And since we very much come from an embedded securities background, that has incredible implications in what and how we do security and IoT. We don’t come from the website certificate world, like many other folks do. We understand device constraints and security nuances, and we have a lot to offer.”

Namely, Kudelski IoT offers the promise of privacy and security, backed by the four aforementioned pillars of Matter. In Schmidbauer’s and Schuoten’s words, Kudelski IoT really has “written the spec to ensure IoT delivers.” And there’s already been mass interest from not just traditional consumer electronics organizations dabbling in IoT, but smart home innovators working on the core components of homes’ inner workings, smart-enabled wall switches, lighting, blinds and curtains, you name it.

“The Alliance is honored to be working with a partner like Kudelski IoT,” said Chris LePré, Head of Technology at the CSA. “Kudelski IoT is leveraging more than 30 years of security lifecycle management expertise to ensure new devices can be properly and securely accepted into a Matter network. They provide important resources to benefit consumers who look at the Matter logo and feel confident about their experiences.”

In closing, Schmidbauer covered more about Kudelski’s long-time protection of devices and associated services, and how one of its strongest focuses is embedded (pun, again, intended) in IoT.

“Our company has provided certificates, keys, and credentials to more than 500 million devices,” Schmidbauer said. “Now, we see how Matter is clearly becoming an important force in creating securely connected homes where everything just works. The devices and data of homeowners are protected so they can enjoy them without having to worry about privacy breaches.”

“We sincerely look forward,” Schmidbauer said, “to helping all members of the Matter ecosystem create even more trusted, safe, and profitable connected devices and services. Supporting this growth to help secure long-term success is front and center for our teams at Kudelski.”

More information about Matter and Kudelski IoT resources can be found here. And for an even deeper dive into this news, Kudelski IoT will be exhibiting at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 16-18. They can be found at Stand 4-447.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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