ECOVACS ROBOTICS: Smart Needs for Homes with Pets


When I was younger (if you’ll humor me here), two of the only companion robotics I can really recall as even semi-prevalent were the Roomba and the classic Poo-Chi robopet, Sega’s next-phase-after-Bandai’s-Tamagotchi toy pets. (Let’s not talk about how it feels to view one’s Roomba as a “companion,” okay. The 2000s had some rough moments.)

Back in the day, for what it was worth, such inventions were pretty awesome. But see, nowadays, it feels like countless companies have Roomba-clone alternatives for folks’ automated vacuuming needs, and there are enough robopet-esque devices out there to make one’s head spin.

But let’s touch on pets again. Whether living or robotic, pets are pretty paw-some. This is what sprung to mind as I read about an announcement from smart service robotics solutions provider, ECOVACS ROBOTICS. See, ECOVACS noticed a trend; Forbes has reported that, as of recent data from April of 2023, at least one pet lives in 66% of U.S. households. Per Growth from Knowledge, one-third of households have at least one dog (and there are cats in about one-quarter, as well). And of those families with dogs or cats (though these most certainly aren’t the only varieties of pets), the report from Forbes also showed that 85% of us with dogs and 76% of us with cats consider pets to be bona-fide members of the family. (As they should, but that’s just my own commentary.)

So, with such percentages spiking (leading to subsequent increases in home cleaning needs; more pets usually equals more messes), ECOVACS is determined to stand out. This isn’t just a “Roomba clones” topic; ECOVACS provides more high-end, intelligent products for more pet families. Here’s just a taste of what ECOVACS has been up to:

  • DEEBOT is a robot vacuum-and-mop combo with functions that include auto-cleaning, auto-water refill, auto-emptying, a LiDAR navigation system so it can identify and avoid obstacles, precision mapping and even AI voice assistance. DEEBOT is great for daily cleaning, especially for wafting pet furs that tangle everywhere and carry oils. DEEBOT’s strong suction power takes on fur, dander and dust for uncompromising clean-in-one-go sweeps.
  • WINBOT is ECOVACS’ solution for the smooth, spotless cleaning for windows of all sizes. Its unique, cross-spraying design ensures all dirt and other substances are removed by dissolving stains for super-easy wipe-off. Its functions include a wide, dual-direction auto-spray, precise gravity settings so it can move stably across glass, high-quality materials for its driving treads that increase its no-slip grip, a microfiber cleaning pad and more.
  • ECOVACS Home App (for Google Play and the App Store, respectively) allows DEEBOT or WINBOT owners to start, pause or stop cleaning instantly, set regular cleaning schedules, set voice report and even suction power levels, and more (in terms of the customization of devices’ pet-cleaning modes).
  • ECOVACS also announced this month that it will become the Official Robotics Brand of the 147th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (WKC Dog Show) and a sponsor of WKC’s Best-at-Home Contest.

Overall, I’d say it’s pretty safe to admit that we’ve come a long way from the original Roomba. And while ECOVACS’ offerings may not be as snuggle-capable (or nostalgia-inducing) as the Poo-Chi, these are still pet-centric and for-the-family robots.

Our pets demand a lot; as much as we cherish them, there are many challenges posed. So, to save on time and cleaning efforts, ECOVACs has innovated for all-around smarter and cleaner homes. Pet families around the world commit to their pets, and ECOVACS commits to pet families.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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