Stefanini Cyber Defense and Shield-IoT Forge Alliance to Bolster IoT Security


In an era largely defined by rapid digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a technology shaping businesses across diverse verticals. With 5G, AI, and cloud technologies maturing, the number of connected IoT devices is projected to surpass 27 billion by 2025. Despite the cost and efficiency benefits IoT is delivering, though, this explosive growth and the consequent reliance on automated services for business expansion bring to light an increasingly critical issue: IoT security.

Stefanini Cyber Defense, a specialized arm of the Stefanini Group offering advanced intelligence and cyber defense solutions, recently announced a global partnership with Shield-IoT, an Israeli IoT cyber security software solution provider. The alliance integrates Shield-IoT's Coreset-AI Asset Management and Threat Prevention Platform into Stefanini's offerings, expanding the group's portfolio to provide comprehensive protection for IoT and IIoT networks, data, and critical services.

It’s a critical element for the IoT ecosystem and the integration arrives at a pivotal moment. As IoT networks continue to evolve and mature, and as new use cases emerge and adoption continues to grow, associated security risks also escalate. It’s an inherent part of the evolution – more networks, more devices, and more applications mean bigger and more attack surfaces for bad actors. A concerning 57% of IoT devices are currently susceptible to medium-to-high severity attacks. At the same time, the first half of last year saw a 77% increase in malware attacks on IoT devices, so we know the threat is real.  

Udi Solomon, CEO and co-Founder of Shield-IoT, expanded on the potential threats that exposed IoT devices face. He explained that hackers could easily compromise these devices via physical tampering or remote hacking.

“This can lead to data theft and fraud, ransomware attacks, enterprise hacking attacks, service downtime and even total disruption of the entire critical infrastructure,” he noted.

These alarming statistic, hopefully, push security leaders to find robust measures to safeguard their organizations and IoT infrastructure.

To combat the growing threat landscape, Shield-IoT's AI-driven network security solution meticulously analyzes device-to-cloud traffic statistics. This process enables the early detection of unknown cyber attacks and operational events, preventing any impact on customer networks, data, or IoT services. The platform's network-wide asset management solution, combined with real-time actionable alerts, delivers immediate security and operational visibility, enabling automatic threat prevention to ensure operational continuity.

Shield-IoT's platform is designed to safeguard any out-of-perimeter IoT device or application at an unlimited scale. As an agentless SaaS platform, it requires no device or network changes and does not impact existing network performance.

The partnership allows Stefanini's customers across various IoT/IIoT verticals, including energy, water, gas, oil retailers, airlines, mining, and transportation, to seamlessly secure any connected device or application across any network. The service is delivered worldwide by professionals trained through the partnership, operating in 41 countries with Security Operation Centers (SOCs) located in Brazil, Peru, Romania, and India.

“As IoT networks continue to grow and as new threats emerge, customers require a single cost-effective solution that can automatically adapt to meet their needs,” said Leidivino Natal, CEO of Stefanini Cyber Defense, acknowledging the necessity of better IoT security. “Stefanini and Shield-IoT provide a single, centralized future-proof solution to protect any existing or future IoT device, application or network with minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.”

Stefanini Cyber Defense is a collection of services in Stefanini Group, which also houses Stefanini Rafael, a joint venture with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Originating in 2016, this collaboration seeks to offer public and private initiatives cyber security, communication, and data intelligence solutions that were initially exclusive to military use. Now, those same solutions are helping enhance security postures for IoT-enabled businesses.

Shield-IoT, by enabling enterprises and solution providers to monitor and secure out-of-perimeter IoT/IIoT networks, helps reduce operational costs. Its patented Asset Management and Threat Prevention platform is the product of more than a decade-and-a-half of Coreset-AI academic research conducted at MIT, providing IoT visibility and security at an unlimited scale.

Putting on a cyber criminal’s hat for a moment, IoT is a natural target.

  • IoT devices are often used in critical infrastructure, such as power grids and transportation systems. A successful cyber attack on these devices could have a major impact on society.
  • IoT devices are often used to collect and store sensitive data, such as personal health information or financial data – a gold mine for bad actors.
  • IoT devices are often used in remote locations, where they may be difficult to secure. This makes them an attractive target for hackers.

Naturally, as more IoT networks and devices come online, the opportunity scales for cyber criminals – which makes effective security an imperative for IoT developers, providers, and users.

Stefanini Cyber Defense and Shield-IoT clearly understand the threat, and their partnership not only underscores the increasing importance of IoT security in today's interconnected world, but offers a solution. As connected devices become more entrenched in our daily lives and business operations, the need for comprehensive, scalable, and effective security solutions will only continue to grow.

Edited by Erik Linask
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