From Semtech and Connected Development, the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design for IoT


LoRa (Long Range) technology is important to the Internet of Things (IoT) for several reasons:

  • “Long Range”: As its name suggests, LoRa provides long-range connectivity for IoT devices. This makes it ideal for those spread over large areas, like when used in agriculture/”agribusiness,” as well as in wildlife tracking, applications for smart cities, and in massive warehouses and depots.
  • Low power: LoRa is power-efficient. This is crucial for IoT solutions that run on batteries and have to remain on for long periods of time without requiring a battery replacement.
  • Costs: LoRa implementations come part and parcel with relatively low costs; this is a decision-making or decision-breaking factor, considering the huge number of devices often as part of a single large-scale deployment of IoT sensors.
  • Security: LoRa includes built-in security features (e.g. end-to-end encryption); it’s extremely necessary important for IoT devices (especially those spanning LoRa-type distances) that likely handle streams of sensitive data.
  • Robustness: LoRa is able to be operated on license-free sub-gigahertz frequency bands. On average, these bands experience less interference when penetrating obstacles (compared to higher-frequency bands). This makes it a robust choice for many IoT.
  • Bi-directionality: Unlike other low-power, long-range technologies, LoRa supports bi-directional communications. This is a must for IoT devices sending data to a central server and receiving commands or updates from its operators.

The long story short? As Robert Comanescu, Senior Director of IoT Chips Business at Semtech, put it:

“LoRa is still seen as the de facto wireless platform for IoT. Semtech's LoRa chipsets connect sensors to the cloud and enable the real-time communication of data and analytics that organizations can utilize to enhance their operations’ efficiencies.”

All of this is why Semtech, a supplier of high-performance semiconductors and cloud services for IoT systems, announced the launch of the new XCVR Development Board and Reference Design (here, referenced as “XCVR”) with 2009-founded engineering services firm, Connected Development.

The XCVR Development Board and Reference Design integrates LoRa sub-gigahertz radio transceiver technology. Based on Semtech’s LoRa SX126x Series, XCVR  simplifies design processes and lowers time-to-market for customers designing solutions for markets including building management, industrial control, supply chain and logistics.

With Connected Development’s comprehensive layout and schematic files for XCVR, customers are provided with convenient LoRa implementation designs. Also supplied are software drivers (that are compatible with various microcontroller vendors).

The long story short? As Comanescu went on to say:

“With the XCVR’s small form factor, production-ready hardware design, firmware and dedicated support resources available through Symmetry Electronics, Mouser and of course Connected Development, we believe this platform will be ideal for customers currently developing LoRa-enabled wireless designs or considering a future wireless product on their roadmap.”

And per Gregor Bleimann, Connected Development’s Vice President and General Manager:

“The collaborative effort between Connected Development and Semtech on the XCVR provides our customer base with the combined benefits of Semtech’s next-generation technology and Connected Development’s state-of-the-art engineering design. We are confident that implementing Semtech’s SX126x into the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design enhances functionality, product design, and furthers strong wireless solutions. Customers will decrease their time-to-market with boosts in confidence by leveraging this reference design for their respective products.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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