Taking IoT Scalability to the Next Level: Mango 5 from Radix IoT


Radix IoT, LLC – a name that will ring a bell for those who attended this past February’s IoT Evolution Expo in Fort Lauderdale – is a cloud-native, commercial IoT platform that unlocks and organizes critical data, allowing infrastructure to run even when people aren’t able to physically be on location.

In Radix IoT’s words, “From remote or hard-to-reach locations to massive operations that cannot tolerate downtime, Radix IoT provides a truly easy-to-deploy, integrates-with-everything, infinitely scalable software-based solution to bring harmony to our world of remote monitoring and comprehensive facility management.”

In addition to its Mango OS’s connection, database, analytics, reporting and third-party integration capabilities, Radix IoT just last week announced the release of its Mango 5.

Mango 5, per Radix IoT, “revolutionizes distributed deployment by making scalability intuitive for integrators, contractors, and end-users,” in terms of advancing large-scale IoT multi-site deployments and monitoring to even greater heights. Mango 5 capably streamlines installation with new Radix IoT features to unify mission-critical locations into one ease-of-access ecosystem.

Mango 5’s automated workflow features include:

  • Radix IoT’s Pi-Portfolio Manager Configuration Tool – With Portfolio Manager, even in Radix IoT’s words, “you can set up lots, without spending lots of time.” In essence, setting up a complete global property portfolio, site-level metrics, and device-level data (without the need to build unwieldy dashboards or even resort to complex tagging structures). Radix IoT has designed it to transform enterprise owners and operators into data experts. Integrators and end-users can instantly access KPI overviews, historical graphs and maps (with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface), and they can create information tabs personalized to their roles and needs (all without a line of code).
  • Pi-Link – This expands on the highly popular TCP Publisher “by simultaneously enabling events operations at the edge and in the cloud using gRPC.” With Pi-Link, scheduled events and logging at the edge are unhindered (even with lost connectivity to the cloud), and re-synchronization with the cloud is instant when reconnected. This resilience is crucial in environments with unstable or highly constrained cloud connectivity. gRPC also increases edge to cloud security by using mTLS certificates to easily authenticate connections via quick setup in the Mango administration panel. (And the existing TCP Publisher is fully backwards compatible.)
  • Pi-Mesh – As a markedly different kind of database made for IoT, Pi-Mesh is great for the purpose of storing and querying IoT data at scale. “With 100 times faster query-processing speed than traditional database technologies,” Radix IoT explained, “it is fully optimized for handling time-based data found to be critical for most distributed SCADA and BMS solutions.” Pi-Mesh can handle a whopping tens of millions of datapoints (i.e. in real-time and historical context), and it is also compatible with Pi-Link’s gRPC for transferring data and events while reducing traffic and assuring constancy in the case of outages. And, to top it off, Pi-Mesh is optimized for Mango data, and long-term storage comes at a fraction of the typical storage space required for traditional database solutions.
  • Pi-Flow – Pi-Flow is based on years’ worth of input and is a far more intuitive and workflow-based system, reimagined for integrators, contractors, and end-users. Radix IoT redesigned this to allow systems to scale and change instantaneously; whether an organization is onboarding 100 points of data or two million points (be it to one location or to tens of thousands), Pi-Flow’s design keeps changes to data simple.
  • CSV Toolbox – With Mango 5 comes new tools to increase system configuration capabilities. Mango 5 supports tooling for CSV importing and exporting; from tags, devices and events, everything can be done via a CSV, automating at-scale operations with tools that both contractors and enterprise customers have already grown comfortable with.

“Radix IoT’s Mango 5 is the future of effortless scalability for global commercial portfolio asset monitoring,” said Michael Skurla, Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT. “Without any compromisation to flexibility, enterprises can scale remote management and triage in half the time that legacy monitoring solutions require.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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