Monitoring, Analyzing and Controlling Field Data: Digi International Debuts SkyCloud 23.5 Update


Let’s start with a question:

Why, in IoT (Internet of Things) spaces, is the continuance of precision-level monitoring, analyzation and control of field data important?

Important question? Important answer:

In IoT, being able to monitor, analyze and control field data is crucial because it enables real-time decision-making capabilities based on to-the-moment data from sensors and various devices. It also allows for more confident planning in terms of specific predictive maintenance needs, and all of this can lead to quantifiable boosts to an organization’s operational efficiency. With a proper handle on the flow of field data (i.e. how it is being tracked and what actions are then taken), organizations can take better advantage of valuable systems performance insights and anomaly detections. Altogether, it can even facilitate prompt intervention to prevent, well, preventable machine failures, ultimately reducing downtime and costs while improving overall service quality.

Enter Digi International (or Digi, for short).

Digi’s IoT solutions are behind devices and machines that operate across smart cities, transportation systems, medical operations, agribusiness and industrial environments. Since 1985, Digi has, in its own words, “been a pioneer in wireless communication, forging the future for connected devices and responding to the needs of the people and enterprises that use them.”

Earlier this month, Digi debuted the latest version of its innovative solution, the Digi SkyCloud. The SkyCloud’s 23.5 update introduces new features that streamline system integrations for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling field data.

By giving SkyCloud this “IoT facelift” (in a sense), Digi customers are provided with, as Digi’s General Manager and Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Management put it, “an unparalleled level of data reliability, operational predictability and quick, actionable insights.”

Brian Kirkendall, aka this Digi Infrastructure Management executive, also explained that “powered by reliable data and user-friendly features, these solutions empower our customers to efficiently manage, monitor and control their industrial assets, enhancing visibility and intelligence in all their operations."

With SkyCloud 23.5, company administrators can better manage their deployment and user base via easy-to-deploy device configurations across groups of devices. With Digi’s introduction of REST APIs and an intuitive user interface, SkyCloud now has a “modern look and feel” and offers improved search and filter functionality, a quick-view tile page with user-organized device status control, and more.

Moreover, 23.5 reflects Digi’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for industrial monitoring and control in sectors like water management, agriculture and environmental compliance.

The SkyCloud platform became a part of Digi’s portfolio following its acquisition of Ctek in 2021.

"On the tail of our Ctek acquisition, we made a concerted effort to invest in monitoring and control solutions, and the latest SkyCloud release is another exciting step in our focused path forward,” Kirkendall added. “We're excited about the SkyCloud roadmap and the new features that will be rolling out in the quarters to come."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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