Zero Trust is a Must: Cradlepoint Introduces New Security Solution for IoT


“Never trust, always verify.”

That, as we know, is the backbone of zero trust security.

In a nutshell, a zero trust-centric approach is a way of thinking about (and then putting to pavement) cybersecurity measures that don’t automatically trust anything inside or outside of the network. Everything must be verified, double-checked, the whole nine yards.

So, in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) – where you potentially have hundreds (if not thousands) of devices, zero trust is especially important, vulnerabilities-wise. In such a case, each device is essentially another entry point for bad actors, hackers, the whole lot of them. For example, in a smart home environment (made possible by IoT), a smart fridge or lightbulb may seem trivial in terms of security. However, if it’s part of the same network as an organization’s critical infrastructure or is a step (albeit a more unconventional one) on the digital ladder that leads to hugely sensitive data, this can snowball into an even bigger problem.

The long story short? Zero trust mitigates risks by treating every device as potentially untrustworthy. Zero trust policies verify identity and check security status before said device is allowed to access programs, records, resources and more.

Enter Cradlepoint, a renowned connector of people, places and IoT deployments with 5G and LTE through wireless WAN and private network solutions. Earlier this week, the announcement was made that Cradlepoint launched the S700, a multipurpose router designed to provide a rich zero trust security service to enterprise customers in various IoT spaces. And, when coupled with Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect, the S700 provides a comprehensive cloud-managed (and cloud-delivered) network solution to safeguard IoT devices. This is solid news, given how today’s attack surfaces are expanding and adversaries are hungrier than ever for easy-to-target technologies. (Particularly those that are so interconnected, as it goes with IoT.)

Cradlepoint (plus Frost & Sullivan) estimate that there are approximately 47.16 billion IoT devices in use in 2023. That’s on a global scale. And, with shipments of said devices expected to grow at 18% annually, the cascade of IoT devices needs modern zero trust security before cybercriminals become more sophisticated than they already are. This means that fine-grained policies must be put in place for IoT solutions that minimize risk factors as much as possible.

More about the S700 and NetCloud Exchange from Cradlepoint:

The S700 and NetCloud Exchange from Cradlepoint delivers a robust zero trust

  • Connect-and-Go Zero Trust: IoT devices connected to the S700 are immediately dark to public scans and other internal sites. Access policies are easily defined so the devices only communicate with authorized resources on a least-privilege basis.
  • Efficient WAN Creation: Orchestrated with just a few clicks through a cloud-based management system, the S700 removes deployment and management complexities and builds effective zero trust encrypted tunnels over cellular and wired links.
  • Small Router with Big Security: IoT devices connected to a small router can still have access to full modern security services, including zero trust. Thus, the S700 keeps it simple; i.e. by offloading security processes to a services gateway, which holds the security policies, manages router updates (including security patches), and keeps processes moving securely.
  • Third-Party Access Protection: According to Cradlepoint, 60% of WANs are now serving outside customers and suppliers, so protecting third-party access to IoT equipment has broader implications.

“As networks expand and we see boosts in cyber threats,” said Chantal Polsonetti, Vice President, Industry Analyst, ARC Advisory Group, “it becomes evident that IoT networks need to be rearchitected. By offloading security from the perimeter to a distributed zero trust architecture, Cradlepoint is offering IoT devices access to security services that have traditionally not been available on typical IoT routers.”

With implications across light industrial and smart city applications (to name a couple), secure connectivity isn’t just a service: It’s a responsibility, in its own right.

The Cradlepoint S700 will be available for purchase starting July 12. Click here to learn more.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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