Open Connect for Supply Chain Software Providers, Courtesy of


Faster integrations drive more resilient supply chains.

This is a cut-and-dry fact on its own, but it’s also part of the mission of builds advanced integrations that link a smarter, more scalable, and far more functional supply chain. By connecting partners across the global supply chain – i.e. to increase revenue, cut costs and elevate supply chain visibility – logistics companies are able to leverage to create seamless integrations with customers and vendors, as well as partners and internal systems.’s adapters make connecting two or more software systems as simple as pointing and clicking, “whether they’re separated by 6,000 miles or by three decades,” a representative wrote.

Recently, announced its new Open Connect feature. Open Connect enables software providers to build API connections to the network, and supply chain software companies can quickly integrate their data and logistics service providers (or LSPs), shippers and other industry-renowned software platforms for deeper levels of collaboration and integration.

Through being able to build Open Connect Adapters to the network, software companies can unlock a seamless flow of supply chain data; this may include advanced shipment notices and milestones, CO2 emissions and calculations, etc.

"We're thrilled to introduce Open Connect, a game-changing feature that strengthens the flow of data between software providers and the global supply chain," said Brian Glick, CEO of "With Open Connect, software companies can rapidly establish connections to our network, enabling deeper data integration with their customers and empowering efficiency, transparency, and growth."

Additionally, Open Connect allows software providers to integrate their data directly to a TMS, ERP, or other platform, resulting in real-time operational efficiencies, an overall better customer experience (CX), and the removal of various undue hassles involving having to manually enter data from third-party software providers into logistics systems (which can delay organizations’ abilities to provide more immediate value).

Per Johnny Bilotta, Vice President of Product at

"Open Connect marks a pivotal moment for software providers, addressing their demand for greater control and flexibility in building integrations to the network. Now, a software provider can leverage Open Connect to build a connection to our integration network, enabling them to provide critical data directly to their customers' systems."

Learn more about’s library of integrations here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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