Rivada Space Networks and IEC Telecom's Transformative Connectivity Solutions


Three words that are essentially guaranteed to brighten someone’s day in the world of IoT (the Internet of Things):

“Full global coverage.”

That’s one of the golden tickets, so to speak. Connectivity is the lifeblood of IoT; making certain that devices and larger systems can reliably communicate and share data with one another over a secured network (and at wicked-fast speeds, preferably) is what it’s all about.

Enter Rivada Space Networks and IEC Telecom.

Getting connected (and staying connected) with dependable, future-ready solutions is what Rivada and IEC Telecom prioritize for organizations. So, with such a top-of-mind priority, it makes sense why the two recently announced the official signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding – therein, Rivada and IEC Telecom have partnered so, together, they can enable innovative connectivity solutions for both land and maritime communications.

With this MoU, IEC Telecom will leverage Rivada’s OuterNET to provide, quote, “leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with enhanced connectivity for the improved coordination of humanitarian efforts, the safety of remote workers, the security of NGO assets, and the sustainability of long-term operations.” This covers vital needs like food distribution, housing, education and emergency medicine, thus supporting the reach of humanitarian missions and the reach of key IoT services that interlink them.

Again, this makes a ton of sense. Rivada’s OuterNET is a global, low latency, point-to-point connectivity network of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites built on next-generation architecture; by combining inter-satellite laser links with advanced onboard routers to create an optical mesh network in space, this “orbital networking” approach to data is what ensures access to an ultra-secure network with pole-to-pole reach and latencies similar to (or better than) terrestrial fiber. And, by routing traffic on a separate network (i.e. one that stays in space), OuterNET provides an extra layer of data privacy and threat defense for secure data transmission over much longer distances. So, with IEC Telecom leveraging it, its teams can maximize their solutions already dedicated to various public institutions, NGOs, and other enterprises and connect them farther and more securely.

This is great, given IEC Telecom’s specializations in digitalization for land and maritime industries. Providing this OuterNET-powered coverage to areas where communications aren’t as readily dependable (or available at all) is beneficial in numerous ways; game-changing ways, at that. We’re talking stronger business continuity for urban networks, cyber-secure network solutions optimized for the maritime sector, more support for digital decarbonization globally (by helping vessels improve onboard operations, i.e. reduced fuel consumption) and more.

That’s a lot of details (and the benefits go on), but you catch this drift. Rivada and IEC Telecom are putting the pedal to the metal, IoT connectivity-wise.

"This partnership supports IEC Telecom's commitment to pursue innovation for the best-possible customer experience,” said IEC Telecom CEO Erwan Emilian. “With it, Rivada's service will allow us to expand our network's SLA and offer high-throughput data connectivity 'fiber-like' in the sky, versus DSL-like today. We are excited to explore cost-effective packages for the humanitarian sector, and to test the resilience of maritime connectivity on the open sea.”

"We are delighted to be working with IEC Telecom to support their high-throughput voice and data services,” said Rivada Space Networks CEO Declan Ganley. “We are moving full speed ahead to deploy our true OuterNET and its unique data-connectivity capabilities. Our teams absolutely see the importance of providing ultra-secure, highly reliable, low latency communications anywhere on the planet."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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