Intelligently Expanding IoT Offerings: MCCI and Milesight's New Partnership


Let’s talk about MCCI and Milesight.

Between 1995 and 2000, founder Terry Moore laid the groundwork for the current state of MCCI, a company that develops and licenses USB system software to be embedded into its customers’ consumer electronics products. In the 20+ years since its founding, nearly a billion total products have been shipped using MCCI technology, and some of the world’s largest manufacturers depend on the company to deliver software that is as fast and elegant as it is portable and scalable. (Currently, its software is deployed as part of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi, in smartphones, LTE data cards, PCs, WiGig WSE docks, set-top boxes, car navigation and satellite systems, and various types of testing equipment.)

Then, Milesight. As a fast-growing, high-tech company that expertly delivers smart IoT and video surveillance products (with additional focuses on AI, 5G and LoRaWAN), the team at Milesight has helped customers worldwide optimize their business operations since 2011. With improved sensing capabilities and advanced IoT insights, efficiency and sustainability are pillars on which Milesight builds open ecosystems (alongside a global network of distributors and system integrators). More than half of Milesight employees today are R&D engineers with solid knowledge bases and years of strong experience. It is also an ISO9001 authorized company, and its products are certificated with CE, FCC, LoRaWAN, RoHS, RCM and more so they can meet the daunting and oft-demanding requirements of global industries.

And now, MCCI and Milesight have officially announced their strategic partnership.

As the two join forces to introduce a range of intelligently built IoT products that, in Milesight’s words, “will be continually innovated and re-innovated to supply cutting-edge solutions to our clients,” the fruits of this endeavor are expected to cover sectors such as indoor air quality monitoring, IoT video security, smart agribusiness, and the span of smart buildings and smart city infrastructure.

“Our collaboration with Milesight is an extremely exciting step forward in our growth journey, and in our dedication to providing exceptional IoT solutions” Moore expressed. “By incorporating Milesight’s IoT advancements into our portfolio, we strengthen our abilities to meet evolving market needs for consumers looking for the next-best thing in the Internet of Things.”

And per Leon Jiang, Vice President of Milesight:

“We, too, are thrilled to partner with MCCI to meet customers, growing needs. We will continue developing our sensing products while MCCI adds its specializations in the delivery of end-to-end software and services. Together, we can truly offer more to our customers, and the comprehensivity of our offerings will strengthen what’s yet to come.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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