Making Every 'Thing' in IoT an Agent of Change: Identiv Completes Multi-Million Unit Order of IoT Pixels for Wiliot


After SCM Microsystems, Bluehill ID AG and Hirsch Electronics came together to form Identiv, the company became a renowned provider of global digital security and identification solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Those initial three names which now comprise Identiv respectively specialized in contact and contactless smart card readers and reader modules, RFID, and physical access control solutions. Now, after a long road of key investments, Identiv “builds technology that verifies your world.” Its services reach from airports and aerospace to automotive, banking, pharmaceuticals, banking and corporate campuses, data centers, education, energy and utilities, retail, logistics and shipping and a plethora of other industries. Identiv’s platform has also grown to encompass NFC technology, cybersecurity, and physical access, video and audio securities. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Identiv’s IoT technologies are built into more than 1.5 billion applications globally.

With no signs of slowing down, Identiv’s latest IoT announcement is a big one:

The company recently released a statement regarding how it officially completed its initial multi-million unit order of IoT Pixel tags for ambient IoT SaaS company Wiliot. In announcing this, Identiv also noted that it has since begun production of a new follow-on order from Wiliot, as well.

Wiliot’s role here is big, as well. With a mission to “make very single thing an agent of change” in the Internet of Things, Wiliot is working to transform manufacturing (plus distribution and product use) by enabling a new level of real-time awareness for, again, “every single thing.”

So, businesses are looking to adopt Wiliot’s solutions, with IoT Pixels now part of its IoT platform. With these stamp-sized IoT Pixels, end customers can track food and product transport through supply chain; location, temperature, humidity, and other conditions pertaining to shipments. This is great; when simplified, IoT Pixels essentially help users determine who’s using the “thing” in question, where it is, what sort of temperature it’s exposed to, and other valuable insights.

How else does this help? Well, by being able to quickly identify any inefficiencies due to potentially poor storage or handling, Wiliot customers can – in real time – significantly improve their supply chain productivity and long-term sustainability.

Additionally, through Identiv, these IoT Pixels can be used to identify undue product misshipments  and actively track cold chain items in transit. This helps enable waste reduction, automated compliance with regulations (like the FDA’s new FSMA Section 204 rule, Identiv has noted), and bird’s-eye-view inventory accuracy that distributors need today.

In the words of Amir Khoshniyati, VP and GM of IoT at Identiv:

“We’re very excited to continue partnering with Wiliot to accelerate the development of the revolutionary ambient IoT ecosystem.”

“With our uninterrupted production of IoT Pixels,” Khoshniyati added, “Wiliot’s vital customer deployments are able to continue unimpeded, further optimizing Wiliot’s supply chains with the item-level intelligence collected through these breakthrough tags.”

Roee Zeiler, Chief Financial and Revenue Officer at Wiliot, is in agreement here.

“With a partner like Identiv, we’re making our vision a reality,” Zeiler asserted. “With a high demand for our IoT Pixels – one that continues multiplying – Identiv’s continued production will ensure that we can continue to make timely deliveries to customers at this adoption inflection point for the ambient Internet of Things.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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