More Creative Solutions for Students' Well-Beings: Soter Technologies and Assek Technologie are Partnering to Protect Institutions


At last year’s IoT Evolution Expo, I sat in on a session where panelists discussed a need for IoT-powered intelligence to secure environments like schools and other supportive institutions. Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies (named after Soter or Soteria, per the Greek mythos embodying safety and deliverance from harm) has gone on the record saying “We are all about wellness. We prioritize people’s well-beings.”

So, that’s been Soter’s continued M.O. as a trusted provider of environmental sensors and software technologies.

And now, wellness-centric Soter has made news again by signing a new partnership agreement with Assek Technologie, a Canadian company founded on non-demolition building dewatering initiatives. Assek strives to help institutions (and their managers) limit impacts of water damage by developing and deploying state-of-the-art tech, but that’s not Assek’s only aid-supplying focus.

“New technologies allow us to better control high-risk and sensitive areas,” an Assek team member wrote. “They provide us with the necessary applicable preventative measures to protect what is irreplaceable.”

In this case, we’re talking about students and their collective health. (Part and parcel with that, namely, intelligent building and indoor air quality solutions.)

Soter’s FlySense FS286L sensors – with embedded global cellular (4G LTE), LoRaWAN, and YoLink support for optimal device connectivity – will be utilized in schools across Quebec. These sensors are able to detect the chemical signature of emissions from a vaping pen, enabling automated alerting to appropriate personnel so the vaping may be quelled. The sensors also simultaneously monitor an environment’s ambient noise levels (without invading privacy; no mics, no recording), allowing additional alerts to be sent “when noise patterns change in ways indicative to bullying and similarly severe conflicts.”

Peterson went on to state, “We are excited to join forces with Assek to help schools across Canada substantially reduce vaping activities and maintain healthy, positive environments for students, faculty, and staff. Assek has an excellent reputation for its hands-on, detail-oriented approach for satisfying customer needs. These are our core values at Soter as well, which makes this partnership even more rewarding.”

And per Jessie Demers, Director of Sales and Marketing at Assek:

“Schools across Canada are working hard to mitigate the impact caused by vaping, and are seeking a flexible and reliable vape detection system that is effective, yet complies with security and privacy mandates. Soter’s FlySense solution has a stellar reputation for its unmatched connectivity options that allow coverage across campuses without requiring expensive infrastructure work. We are excited to partner with a market leader that consistently demonstrates its passion for improving student and faculty health and wellness through highly reliable real-time monitoring.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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