Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle Program Simplifies Next-Gen Technologies


In today’s world, technology has transformed – and it continues to radically transform – how we live, work, and play; all of the above, and even more we continue to adapt with the times. Every day, we rely on what feels like an ever-increasing array of products and real-time services that are substantially valuable. Behind these are literally hundreds of thousands of patented inventions from inventors at hundreds of organizations, and the sharing of these technologies (between those who created them and the organizations that use them as part of their own packaged solutions) happens through what’s known as patent licensing.

Enter Avanci, an independent provider of patent licensing solutions. Avanci takes pride in working at the intersection of different industries in order to bring efficient, market-driven licensing solutions that are straightforward, convenient, and predictable in the ways they should be in 2023. Avanci offers these streamlined options as part of its one-stop-shop; i.e. licensing a ton of essential patents from big-name developers, all while avoiding many of the hassles associated with securing complicated licenses with their individual patent owners.

The long story short? Simplified patent licensing solutions; single agreements with fair, published rates. This way, product creators can remain focused on what they do best. (You know, rather than feeling tangled up by patent-related processes.)

Avanci – with Avanci IoT and Avanci Broadcast for simplifying licensing in those fields, as well – has made another simplification-centric announcement:

The Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle program.

This new Avanci program builds on the success of its previous 4G Vehicle program, one that has more than 130 million vehicles from more than 80 total automotive brands, all covered by an Avanci 4G Vehicle license.

Now, the Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle program covers patented technologies that are necessities for 5G (and even 4G, 3G and 2G) connectivity, including cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), a topic we also covered in a related Smart City Sentinel article that involved Audi and Georgia’s Peachtree Corners. C-V2X, in short, is what enables vehicles to communicate with other smart-enabled vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and even cyclists and pedestrians, so it makes sense why Avanci is getting in on that action, as well. C-V2X has the potential to enhance overall road safety and improve the flow of traffic, to name just two huge pluses, and patent licensing there will likely boom in the coming years.

So, the Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle program is off to the races.

“The launch of our 5G Connected Vehicle program is such an important milestone, as we can now provide C-V2X automakers with the efficient option of a single agreement covering patented cellular technologies from dozens of organizations worldwide,” said Laurie Fitzgerald, Avanci’s Senior Vice President. “We really appreciate the confidence and trust of all the partners who worked with us to create this program that we are so proud to make a reality.”

Adding to this, Avanci’s CEO Kasim Alfalahi stated, “Avanci was created with a vision of transforming how technologies are shared. Simple as that. We ensure that the work of thousands of inventors around the world is truly recognized and rewarded. We enable companies to build even more exciting new products by simplifying technology access, and our new program will help improve the people’s everyday lives.”

Learn more about the Avanci 5G Connected Vehicle program (including the 58 initial participants, plus early adopter pricing for licensees) here. Notable licensors already include (but aren’t limited to) Acer, BlackBerry, TCL, Sony, Panasonic, Ericsson and Samsung.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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