Critical Protection for Complex IoT Applications: Secure-by-Design, from Telit Cinterion


Telit Cinterion helps businesses integrate, activate, and operate in today’s increasingly hyper-connected world. From proofs-of-concept to mission-critical deployments, Telit Cinterion is a global enabler of intelligent solutions.

Last month, we covered the pre-release of Telit Cinterion’s deviceWISE, the company’s AI-driven visual inspection tool designed for IIoT.

And earlier today, more news dropped:

Telit Cinterion announced its enhanced Secure-by-Design products and services offering, signaling an exciting next step for Telit Cinterion to take (and a step that the company expects will bolster its strategic growth and the security umbrella for IoT, at large).

First, a quick backstory.

This time last year, Telit and Thales came together to form Telit Cinterion vis-à-vis the incorporation of Thales’ cellular IoT products business (including its portfolio of cellular wireless communication modules, gateways, etcetera) into Telit’s own offerings. That said, prior to this decision, Telit and Thales were actively implementing their own security strategies. Once Telit Cinterion was born, so to speak, those strategies became aligned (as did the product management and product security teams that had worked on them previously).

This comes, if you ask me, at a crucial time. According to recent data, 80% of company leaders have integrated IoT into their existing operations, and – here’s the super-crucial part – a whopping 90% of security professionals believe that unsecured (or improperly secured) IoT applications put business operations at risk of cyber attacks and breaches. Even if, let’s say, that second figure was 10%-20% lower than estimated, that’s still a great majority of professionals urging for more securely designed answers to challenges that plague IoT-centric ventures.

Hence, Secure-by-Design.

Moreover, Secure-by-Design includes a revised set of processes and policies not solely for other companies, but also for Telit Cinterion. This builds on, to put this a bit causally, “walking the talk.” To put it more technically, it means Telit Cinterion’s methodologies are being revised so its teams meet the same industry standards as others to share in this deep commitment to evolving IoT security.

“At a time when cybersecurity in the Internet of Things is finally taking center stage with governments and regulators, we are elated to join forces with Thales, our partner and shareholder, to provide the world’s most secure IoT modules, connectivity plans and platforms,” said Paolo Dal Pino, Telit Cinterion’s CEO

In such an interconnected, digital-everything world powered substantially by IoT, it’s vital to keep cybersecurity at the forefront. Nobody wants an Icarus situation here; to go and fly too close to the sun, metaphorically speaking, means putting one firm step forward and cementing it securely before bad actors force organizations to take two steps back. The IoT landscape is ripe for real innovation, but so too is it vulnerable to digitized malice.

Thus, Telit Cinterion’s Secure-by-Design offering cements a great step in the right direction.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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