Aware of the Benefits, Aware of the Future: floLIVE and Qualcomm Collab to Enhance Global Connectivity on Qualcomm Aware Platform


Let’s talk floLIVE and Qualcomm.

The floLIVE mission is simple: Make lives easier. Be it an enterprise considering new IoT services to integrate with its products, a mobile operator looking to innovate, or a well-established IoT service provider trying to expand its reach, floLIVE supports via feature-rich versions of existing IoT solutions and the level of connectivity necessary for devices, anywhere.

Qualcomm strives to enable a world where everyone (and every ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things) becomes intelligently connected. From 5G-enabled smartphones doubling as pro-level cameras and gaming devices, to smarter vehicles and smarter cities, and behind-the-scenes tech that powers smarter factories that manufacture what people need, Qualcomm offers solutions in extended reality (XR) and wireless capabilities for mobile, connectivity and location awareness for automotive, outfitted wearables, and more.

Now, floLIVE and Qualcomm have teamed up.

This collaboration is set to enhance global connectivity; floLIVE’s technologies will add to the capabilities of the Qualcomm Aware Platform.

As mentioned, Qualcomm has a history in developing global connectivity solutions and standards in a cross-industry way. Now, through Qualcomm Aware (which helps to add digital intel, visibility, and control to enterprises in need while simultaneously aiding in the alleviation of market fragmentation challenges), the Qualcomm ecosystem is set to benefit via floLIVE’s unique hyperlocal global cellular network (especially for catering to the demands of OEMs and giant enterprise operations).

"Qualcomm Technologies' integration of floLIVE into the Qualcomm Aware Platform to is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative, impactful global connectivity solutions," said Curtis Govan, President, Americas at floLIVE. "We’re very excited to be collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies to bring our hyperlocal cellular network expertise to the Qualcomm Aware Platform, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of IoT with confidence."

"We excitedly welcome floLIVE into the Qualcomm Aware ecosystem as a collaboration partner to intelligently enhance global connectivity of IoT devices," stated Mohammed Ansari, Senior Director, Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies. "A major differentiator of Qualcomm Aware is the ability to embed and optimize connectivity on IoT devices globally, with security as a focus, and to intelligently manage the link from device to the cloud in a way that is designed to address the needs of customers across diverse industries."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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