Idle Smart's SmartInsights Enhances Predictive Maintenance Capabilities for Fleets in Need


When it comes to fleet operations, the ability to proactively identify and address potential maintenance issues can make all the difference. That’s why the dependability of predictive maintenance has become so important. By smartly harnessing advanced analytics capabilities, predictive maintenance offers proactive solutions that help in optimizing vehicle performance and asset utilization, reducing both undue downtime and costs that pile up, and enhancing safety measures before hazards even occur, let alone escalate. (This also assists fleet managers in not having to rely solely on traditional scheduled maintenance conducted manually, which often leads to either unnecessary service interventions or unexpected breakdowns that disrupt operations, possibly even endangering workers.)

Enter Idle Smart and its integrated fleet efficiency solutions.

Idle Smart recently announced SmartInsights, the newest addition to its fleet-serving solutions portfolio. SmartInsights uses AI to analyze vast quantities of fleet data in order to identify risks of breakdown and prevent road time-off by planning way, way ahead for maintenance needs.

As the name suggests, SmartInsights delivers smarter, data-driven insights to fleet operators; this covers proactive idle reduction, battery management, cold start prevention, and a variety of other cost reduction benefits for innovative North American fleets.

Idle Smart knows that even an hour of downtime or an entire day’s worth of required maintenance can put a massive dent in operators’ bottom lines. Predictive maintenance in IoT helps ensure that safety protocols are followed, deadlines are met, and livelihoods aren’t put on the line because of an engine breakdown or a faulty battery.

In other words, every Idle Smart System comes with the following features:

  • Cabin Comfort automatically starts and stops an engine or HVAC as soon as the cabin’s temperature moves out of a pre-set range. (i.e. high on comfort, low on consumption)
  • Cold Start Guard constantly monitors coolant temperature and automatically starts an engine when levels drop too low.
  • Battery Protect automatically runs the engine to recharge the vehicle’s batteries whenever the voltage dips below a pre-set threshold.

Add SmartInsights to those features, and Idle Smart’s predictive diagnostic capabilities allow fleets to focus on the most critical problems first, cutting down on expensive guesswork and lowering maintenance costs by roughly 12%. This also reduces roadside breakdowns “by 20%, increases uptime by 8%, and helps fleets allocate scarce technician resources to streamline maintenance operations,” as Idle Smarts describes.

Per Andrew Smith, Vice President of Sales at Idle Smart:

“Fleets have the data to improve vehicle reliability, but it’s often overwhelming and hard to make sense of. So while breakdowns are both frustrating and expensive, they are often viewed as the unpreventable evil of fleet maintenance. That doesn’t have to be the case. We launched SmartInsights to help give our customers the specific data they need to prevent roadside breakdowns, prioritize repairs based on vehicle conditions, and view failure insights by time, severity, location, and affected systems.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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