Construction Safety and IoT: Brickeye Announces Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit, Enhancing Mass Concrete Monitoring


Brickeye and its construction risk and productivity platform helps reduce job site risks (as dangers arise unfortunately far too quickly and frequently; reported information on this can be found here). Reducing reworks and delays while mitigating rising insurance costs and enhancing a team’s quality of work on the job is key, and Brickeye achieves this via its trusted job site IoT platform. We’re talking protection against costly water damages, ensuring quality compliance and slashing emissions on concrete pours, protecting against various environmental factors, and much more – it’s all part of what Brickeye takes into account for at-risk on-site workers.

Recently, Brickeye took its IoT and data analytics capabilities and announced the launch of its new Performance-Based Temperature Differential Limit, or PBTDL. This new feature is part of the company’s LumiCon Concrete Monitoring Solution.

Here’s how it works:

Through real-time analytical reads on mass concrete projects, the PBTDL method provides contractors, engineers, project owners and others with more advanced temperature differential limits tied directly to the strength of the concrete in question. This, according to the official announcement, “enables an increased allowed differential while still maintaining a safe threshold through monitoring and maximum temperature and temperature differentials.” In short, thanks to what the industry often calls “ruggedized” IoT-enabled sensors and other necessary devices, construction projects’ stakeholders can – in a simplified way – remotely (and notably, continuously) access key real-time data that is transmitted directly from job sites to the cloud. Continuous access is great, but so too is the fact they need not always be on the actual job site. This is made possible through the cloud, and all temperature assessments and strength datapoints are tracked just as reliably.

“Because it provides key insights into data on concrete temperatures, temperature differentials and strength, the PBTDL approach enables contractors to be more proactive from both a quality control and operational standpoint,” stated Amir Azhari, Brickeye’s co-founder and CCO. “This new methodology, supported by renowned engineering firms and government entities, can add significant value to infrastructure and heavy civil projects largely by providing more accurate information about the quality of critical concrete structures.”

Learn more about PBTDL from Brickeye here.

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Edited by Greg Tavarez
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