New Cellular IoT Module from Cavli Wireless Addresses Connectivity Needs for Turkish Markets and Beyond


Let’s talk about Cavli Wireless.

Be it for fleets, smart meters, weather monitors, lights, valves, smart home applications and plenty of other modernized assets, Cavli’s definitive M.O. is to enable IoT in simplified ways to solve real-world problems with reliable solutions. The teams at Cavli are on a quest to build next-gen IoT connectivity management technologies with its line of intelligent hardware, network access solutions and more. Cavli brings to market a unique line of eSIM-integrated smart IoT modules; pre-loaded modules, to boot, with local LTE, LPWAN, and 5G network connectivity – all managed at scale.

In that vein (and as the graphic atop this article shows), Cavli recently announced the launch of its new Cavli C16QS, designed to empower Turkish product makers with ultra-low-cost, high-performance LTE Cat 1.bis connectivity.

Per the official announcement, this single-mode LTE Cat 1.bis C16QS cellular module “epitomizes Cavli's commitment to high-quality, affordable smart connectivity.” Featuring a small form factor and requiring only a single antenna (and fewer power amplifiers), the Cavli C16QS’s design also reduces space and saves on power consumption, allowing smaller modules with region-specific deployment needs.

Additionally, its ability to seamlessly switch between networks (coupled with global connectivity and device management capabilities) makes it deal for plenty of smart connectivity-centric applications.

In Turkey specifically, the C16QS is reportedly set to power IoT adoptions across sectors like e-mobility and electric charging stations, as well as for POS systems and Telematics Control Units (TCUs). Furthermore (in regard to the LTE part of this innovation), Cavli’s strong network operator partnerships have paved the way for even more robust local LTE and LTE-M connectivity solutions with potential to redefine industry standards, in terms of service quality, pricing, etc.

Another fun fact: Turkish cities Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir already boast thriving engineering ecosystems – universities, research institutions, manufacturing facilities, to name a few. This indicates a strong foundation for IoT industry growth in the country. In fact, the advancements of its engineering hubs alone are expected to propel IoT advancements, potentially reaching $18.2 billion by 2027 via smart city solutions, Industry 4.0 strides, and digital economy efforts.

According to John Mathew, Chief Executive Officer at Cavli Wireless:

“The introduction of the C16QS cellular IoT module in Turkey is a pivotal moment for Cavli Wireless. The C16QS stands out in the market for its exceptional balance of price efficiency and advanced connectivity features, making it an ideal choice for Turkish product makers looking to leverage Cat 1.bis based smart connectivity solutions. The launch of the C16QS is poised to be a key driver in cellular IoT adoption in Turkey, perfectly aligning with our vision of democratizing IoT by providing high-performance, seamless connectivity solutions tailored to the demanding needs of the Turkish region.”

More information about the Cavli Wireless’ C16QS announcement and specs can be found here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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