BrainChip's Akida Edge Box, Built in Collaboration with VVDN Technologies, Boosts Vision-Based AI Workloads


“We’re making AI ubiquitous.”

A short, sweet, and to-the-point M.O. from AIoT company, BrainChip.

A bit more specifically, BrainChip’s mission is to make every device with a sensor (i.e. a concept incredibly applicable to ongoing Internet of Things discussions) truly “AI-smart.” As the self-described “world’s first commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital neuromorphic IP,” BrainChip seeks to bring common sense to the processing of sensor data through its expertise in AI, semiconductor design, and software development.

As it continues proving that on-chip AI (close to the sensor) is sensational (even still in its infancy, in terms of raw potential), BrainChip recently released previews of its Akida Edge Box, which is based on neuromorphic technology built in collaboration with VVDN Technologies, a global provider of electronics, engineering, manufacturing and digital services and solutions.

BrainChip’s Akida Edge Box powers scalable AI applications in particularly challenging environments (i.e. where performance and efficiency are even more essential). Designed for vision-based AI workloads, the compact and cost-effective Akida Edge Box is intended for video analytics, facial recognition and object detection (to name a few) and can extend intelligent processing capabilities that integrate inputs from other sensors.

“BrainChip’s neuromorphic technology gives the Akida Edge Box the ‘edge’ in demanding markets such as industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, high-volume retail and even medical care,” said Sean Hehir, CEO of BrainChip. “We are excited to partner with an industry leader like VVDN technologies to bring groundbreaking technology to the market.”

“There is a strong demand for cost-effective, flexible edge AI computation across many industries,” said Puneet Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of VVDN Technologies. “VVDN is excited to offer OEMs its experience and expertise in bringing the advanced, transformative technology integrations that meet market needs and eventually help them with faster time to market.”

The Akida Edge Box was demonstrated at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and pre-sales are expected to begin this month. For more Akida-related information with impacts that may be felt throughout IoT spaces, read here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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