Revolutionizing Emergency Responses: Shabodi's Advanced AEP and the Launch of Mobile Medic on 5G Networks


Communication has always been an essential part of a business in numerous industries and with the world expanding its digital horizons, it's no surprise that real-time communications (RTC) has already become an integral aspect for many enterprises. In fact, RTC technology is becoming commonplace so swiftly the experts predict a CAGR of 21.6 percent, bringing the 2022 market value of $8.84 billion to an expected $39.78 billion by 2028.

Whether allowing employees to share ideas and work together, customer service executives to respond to queries, or maintenance personnel to address equipment issues via remote guidance using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), or even remote workers to get immediate assistance, RTC quickly provides many sectors with opportunities to enhance their overall efficiency.

However, while RTC technology can certainly improve communication capabilities, there are still problems relating to connectivity, which is an issue that needs a resolution before industries like medical and first responders can adopt the application widely. While access to current information is without a doubt critical for first responders and EMTs in the field, at the same time, any connectivity complication could be the difference between life or death.

For instance, when conducting remote telemonitoring in the field, any pausing, skipping, or disconnection of video or audio could deter a first responder or EMT from having all the necessary information during a vital moment. Thankfully, amidst the start of the digital age, the wheels of innovation are always turning. New advancements promise RTC capabilities with the connectivity properties necessary for the crucial work done by medical personnel and other emergency responders.

Recently, technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) and Shabodi, the network-aware application enabler, have partnered to prototype the groundbreaking Mobile Medic application. It provides secure and reliable communication channels between first responders and emergency medical personnel to deliver situational awareness and remote expert guidance during emergency medical situations on a private 5G network. Private 5G networks are critical in military, defense, and tactical networks.

The application leverages Shabodi's advanced network Application Enablement Platform (AEP) for network awareness, allowing Mobile Medic to dynamically modify Quality of Service (QoS) in real-time, ensuring reliable and high-speed critical communication, hallmarks of 5G networks that remain elusive without network-aware applications. Booz Allen, Shabodi, and the 5G Open Innovation Lab (OIL) teamed to prototype and test this capability, demonstrating Mobile Medic's functionality.

Shabodi's Network-aware AEP is the Industry's first for Advanced Networks (LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, etc.). It combines the features of network services discovery, services catalog, orchestration, publication of RESTful Network APIs to developers, and insights, simplifying and accelerating the development, deployment, and management of network-aware IIoT/IoT applications. AEPs are often SaaS-based and enable businesses to focus on their core competencies and create innovative solutions without spending excessive time and resources on understanding the complex network infrastructure standards and vendor intricacies that power them.

AEPs can offer an enterprise a host of benefits, such as improved application performance, application portability, and security, as well as enhanced cost savings. In this case, however, the AEP advantage mainly being leveraged is its ability to simplify the connectivity of different network vendor devices, protocols, and various data formats into one software interface. This ensures continuous connectivity, accurate data streaming, security between various devices, and harmonized data formats, regardless of location.

“Our partnership with Shabodi and 5G OIL in the development of the Mobile Medic app typifies how innovation looks – startups, VC-backed incubators, and technology integrators working together to produce novel applications," said Chris Christou, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton. "By utilizing Shabodi's Application Enablement Platform, our application can prioritize and maintain critical communications during emergencies. Mobile Medic promises to democratize the emergency care landscape and make it far more reliable."

Shabodi's AEP also provides network API exposure functions, which, in relation to 5G, refers to the ability of developers and third-party applications to access and utilize the functionalities and services offered by the 5G network. Network API exposure enables the creation of innovative applications, services, and solutions by leveraging the capabilities of the 5G infrastructure. 

A 5G-enabled network API exposure platform provides enterprises with the robust platform necessary for creating new services by consolidating APIs and presenting unified access to the API framework for both internal developers and 3rd party developers. By enabling third-party developers and businesses to create and tailor their specialized network services on-demand, Shabodi's network API exposure functions can help organizations drive service innovation with and through an extended ecosystem.

"By combining our expertise in testing applications built for 5G networks with Booz Allen's innovation leadership and Shabodi's cutting-edge AEP, we are excited to contribute to the development of Mobile Medic," said Scott Waller, Chief Technology Officer of 5G OIL. "We have no doubt that it will significantly impact the state of emergency medical response."

Key collaborators in this initiative include Druid Software, which provided the 5G core, and Airspan Networks, which supplied the Radio Access Network (RAN) component. Both companies contributed essential elements to the solution stack, making the Mobile Medic application possible.

Overall, the successful prototype of Mobile Medic demonstrated its ability to dynamically change network QoS using Shabodi's AEP, ensuring a minimum guaranteed bandwidth for seamless communication between first responders and remote medical experts. This collaboration is a testament to the transformative potential of network-aware applications and 5G technology in saving lives and enhancing the capabilities of critical personnel worldwide.

"Our collaboration with Booz Allen and 5G OIL demonstrates the power of network-aware applications in transforming how emergency medical services are delivered. Mobile Medic guarantees the reach of life-saving medical expertise worldwide and revolutionizes patient care in critical situations," said Vikram Chopra, Co-founder and CEO of Shabodi. "5G is a game-changer for critical communication across sectors, and seeing this promise come to life with the network-aware Mobile Medic app is the very reason Shabodi exists. We are thrilled to lead this transformation from the front with Booz Allen. "

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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