emnify's IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus Package: A Convergence of Cellular and Satellite IoT Connectivity


Let’s talk – as we have before, given the importance to IoT – about global cellular connectivity solutions provider emnify.

To meet today’s evolving connectivity demands, emnify operates with a “One eSIM, One Platform, One IoT SuperNetwork” mentality. This IoT cloud-native SuperNetwork is purpose-built for seamless integrations, real-time scalability via cloud-native advantages, greater communication stack transparency and more. It converges cellular and satellite connectivity for more reliable network functionality (while reducing operational overhead), and emnify ensures round-the-clock support for those utilizing its valuable IoT services.

Speaking of this cellular-satellite connectivity convergence, we actually haven’t spoken at length about this before.

Interestingly, that’s what today’s coverage orbits around:

Recently, emnify announced the general availability of this “IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus” connectivity (and on a single emnify IoT eSIM, no less). The SuperNetwork SatPlus package combines emnify’s IoT-dedicated cellular access with Skylo’s non-terrestrial network (NTN) satellite service, enabling IoT device manufacturers and OEMs (plus application and solution providers) to add a new level of service made possible by satellite connectivity failover for devices outside of (or disconnected from) cellular coverage. This, according to the official announcement, “opens up a whole new level of IoT connectivity availability for use cases in asset tracking, fleet management, building safety and security, agriculture, and other experiences now achievable via this premium connectivity service that offers ubiquitous coverage even in the most remote areas.” (Side note: We covered initial emnify + Skylo news early last year, in addition to Skylo’s additional partnerships with organizations like Soracom, FocusPoint, and Viasat.)

Additional IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus package details:

  • Uninterrupted connectivity that switches seamlessly to satellite networks as devices leave cellular coverage regions
  • Upleveled customer experiences (and driven-down hardware and connectivity costs)
  • Compatible with “market-leading, converged, and affordable hardware modules from Murata and IoT chipsets from Sony Semiconductor Israel”
  • Includes 10MB of cellular connectivity (combined with 10, 30, or 60 satellite messages per month)
  • Currently available in the U.S. and select European countries

“Businesses around the world have had to contend with interruptions in their operations and services due to limited terrestrial network infrastructure and rollouts,” said Frank Stoecker, emnify’s CEO. “Bringing together satellite and cellular coverage as a network of networks fills in the blank spaces on the terrestrial coverage map and provides an additional layer of connectivity backup. emnify is excited to be the first to commercially offer this enhanced level of truly global SatPlus connectivity as part of the expanding emnify IoT SuperNetwork.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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