What You Need to Know: Microchip Technology's ECC608 TrustMANAGER with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM


Let’s talk about Microchip Technology and Kudelski IoT.

Microchip Technology is a provider of connected and secure control solutions. With easy-to-use development tools and a comprehensive product portfolio, customers can create optimized designs for IoT use cases while lowering total system costs and overall time to market. In fact, the company already serves around 125,000 customers across industrial, automotive, communications and computing sectors (to name just a few). From microcontrollers and microprocessors to data converters, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), display and LED drivers, wireless security products and more, Microchip Technology has much to offer when it comes to IoT and beyond.

The Kudelski IoT division of the Kudelski Group provides end-to-end IoT solutions, product design, and full-lifecycle services to IoT device manufacturers, end-user companies, and ecosystem creators at large. Making this possible are Kudelski Group’s 32 offices around the world and more than 3,250 experts redefining strategic securities. The long-story-short of it is this: Kudelski IoT has the expertise necessary to design both trust and control into businesses’ IoT products and ecosystems right from the start, enabling hardworking teams to create new business models, drive insights, secure assets and differentiate their own respective solutions in IoT-driven industries at scale. (Learn more about Kudelski – particularly its RecovR offerings – by reading here.)

So, today’s news regarding these two:

Earlier this morning, Microchip Technology confirmed that it has added the ECC608 TrustMANAGER (with Kudelski IoT keySTREAM SaaS) to its platform of available devices, tools and services.

What are ECC608 TrustMANAGER and Kudelski IoT keySTREAM SaaS, then?

Here’s a condensed breakdown for y’all:

  • The ECC608 TrustMANAGER device helps users manage the trust of other IoT network-connected devices. It also enables the bulk upload of credentials with one-click ease, and “only charges for connected devices in a fleet,” per a Microchip Technology rep.
  • The Kudelski IoT keySTREAM, then, provides integrity and control for IoT applications in need of securing, “ensuring protection of data, safety and revenue throughout its entire product lifecycle,” per a Kudelski IoT rep. It has been used in cases involving LoRaWAN-enabled device management, secure energy metering, active worker safety, asset tracking and recovery, camera surveillance, predictive maintenance needs, etc.

Thus, when put together, the IoT magic happens.

Combined with the Kudelski IoT keySTREAM SaaS, TrustMANAGER sets up a self-serve public key infrastructure (PKI) that provisions devices while they are connected in the field, and automatically activates them in the desired account. This entails the remote provisioning of various custom cryptographic credentials, therein dynamically managing the security lifecycle of a given product. Microchip Technology has said it “creates a powerful force in end-to-end IoT” and “redefines key and certificate management,” to boot.

So basically, instead of being limited to a static certificate chain implemented during manufacturing, we’re talking about customized (and more accurate) provisioning at the end point, without creating supply chain woes.

Solid news, we’d say.

“As the volume of connected devices rapidly increases and security standards and regulations tighten,” explained Nuri Dagdeviren, Corporate Vice President of Microchip’s Security Computing Group, “IoT designers are seeking more efficient ways of managing their devices once products are in their customers’ hands. Our partnership with Kudelski and adding keySTREAM to our ECC608 TrustMANAGER enables customers to manage, scale and update IoT ecosystems efficiently via a cloud-based security SaaS for in-field provisioning and certificate management.”

“The ECC608 TrustMANAGER with keySTREAM marks a pivotal moment in our quest to secure the IoT landscape and make provisioning easier,” added Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President of Kudelski IoT. “Our collaboration with Microchip is not just about bringing advanced security solutions to the market; it’s about setting a new standard for smart device security across the board. By leveraging Microchip’s renowned semiconductor technologies alongside Kudelski IoT’s security services, we are poised to deliver protection and a new ease of provisioning for IoT device manufacturers.”

The ECC608 TrustMANAGER is reportedly available starting at $0.75 USD each in 10,000-unit quantities. Activation fees are applied only after devices are connected for the first time.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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