A Look at Looq AI's Digital Twins Platform, its Successful $3.75M Funding, and What's Next


Let’s talk about Looq AI.

Looq’s goal, according to co-founders Dominique E. Meyer, PhD and Shreyas Niradi, MS and the company’s CSO), is simple:

“Build computer vision and AI technology that can digitize our built world.”

To a layperson, this may sound astronomically difficult; a task for science fiction, if you will.

But not Looq’s founders, no. See, by intersecting camera and software design, they set out to create bona fide foundational innovation for technology that can support the collective thwarting of global infrastructure challenges. And by making asset data more accessible through IoT, AI and so on, organizations’ projects gain transparency and efficiency, as well as greater safety.

So, Looq’s end-to-end “digitize-the-built-world” solution was born.

“The information that you need, when you need it, at a scale that matters,” the company assures. Serving industries like utilities, EPC, surveyors, Looq AI’s integrated hardware/software platform – comprised the Looq Q-Camera, automated cloud processing, and a web-based application for visualization, analysis and collaboration – is built to get the job done.

“Reduce project timelines and costs, improve decision-making with data-driven insights, mitigate risk and decrease field incidents, and collaborate with a truly stronger workflow,” the company writes.

Since its inception, Looq AI’s digital twin-esque solution has proven to be indispensable for many businesses (and their engineers, contractors, other asset owners; you get the idea), but the news doesn’t stop there. Earlier this year, Looq AI’s large-scale digitization + asset intelligence solution allowed the company to successfully secure $2.6 million in a preferred series seed funding round. This was led by BootstrapLabs, a venture capital firm focused on applied AI and with further participation from Longley Capital and Spatial Capital. In conjunction with its initial pre-seed round, Looq AI has raised a total of $3.75 million (and counting).

Meyer had this to say about Looq AI’s progress:

“We are grateful to be backed by some of the world’s most forward-looking investors in the applied AI space, exactly where Looq is focused. The addition of BootstrapLabs, Longley Capital and Spatial Capital, to our investor base will accelerate Looq AI to the next stage of growth.”

Also, from BootstrapLabs:

“Looq’s product is remarkable,” stated Benjamin Levy, co-founder and general partner at BootstrapLabs. “It not only combines the latest advances in hardware, AI, and computing technologies, but it also accelerates the very digitalization of our world, generating troves of unique data upon which the company will build its AI moat.”

We should remember, though (outside of Looq AI, specifically) that this is a curious, yet accurate way to phrase things – an “AI moat.” For castles and other like fortifications of olde, moats provided preliminary lines of defense. In today’s world, AI is currently being harnessed by both good and bad actors alike, and precautions must continue to be taken as more is built at the artificial fingertips of such technologies.

But anyway, that’s our two cents. We’re still excited to see where companies like Looq AI go next.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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