Avidbots Launches Kas for Autonomous Commercial Cleaning Solutions


Around this time last year, I penned an article for our Industrial IoT News hub covering Avidbots and its latest (at the time) autonomous cleaning robot, the Neo 2W.

Here’s the gist:

Founded in 2014, Avidbots – a designer, manufacturer, seller and servicer of autonomous cleaning solutions – has previously debuted robots that have been deployed in airports, malls, universities, manufacturing sites and industrial warehouses. In our article, Avidbots’ floor-scrubbing autonomous robot – the Neo 2W, as mentioned – was specifically designed for warehouse space cleanup; essentially, a bot that maximizes cleaning-related productivity while minimizing necessary human involvement. With Neo 2W, environments with unpredictable floor debris, frequent layout changes and dynamic human worker activity have become more navigable as “Neo 2W’s engineering ensures the highest quality, reliability and serviceability standards, standing up to the demands of tougher-to-navigate surroundings.” (Also, less undue downtime and a fraction of what is considered quote-unquote “normal” in terms of human intervention, allowing workers to reallocate time for higher-value tasks.)

The Neo 2W is definitely worth a peek; read the story in full here.

Now, Avidbots has launched a new robot – a smaller autonomous cleaning solution, one tailor-made for tighter areas with its space-saving design and smooth, agile turns.

Meet Kas.

With a Neo 2W likeness (yet an overall design still its own), Kas was built to serve as a worry-free cleaner so teams can actually be redeployed to handle customer-focused, revenue-generating tasks, rather than mess-handlers. Great for commercial spaces (rather than IIoT-specific ones, à la Neo 2W), Kas can clean up and down often-used aisles and even safely around active customers.

Additionally, Kas can become the ideal cleaning option for needs in retail, transportation and education; a bona fide future-proofed labor strategy so human teams don’t get dirty when it comes to cleaning detail.

According to Avidbots themselves, robotics like Kas “open up new opportunities to make your business even more successful; it’s like securing a trusted partner for commercial-strength floor scrubbing, rather than just an abstract but cool-sounding tech product or business proposition.”

Technical specs for Kas include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Length – 944 mm / 37.2 in
  • Width – 674 mm / 26.5 in
  • Height – 1,230 mm / 48.4 in
  • Minimum U-turn width – 1.5 m / 5 ft
  • Minium aisle width – 1.0 m / 3.5 ft
  • Solution capacity – 48L / 13 gal
  • Features 15 advanced sensors for comprehensive obstacle avoidance
  • Capable of visual and audio signaling for safety
  • Exchangeable LFP batteries for continuous runtime of 3+ hours
  • Built with a dual-tank system for longer operations
  • Low cleaning noise level for minimal disturbance

Per Pablo Molina, Avidbots co-founder, CTO and VP of Product:

“Kas represents a true evolution in the experience that customers can expect from commercial cleaning robots. It is the culmination of more than a decade of experience designing robots and years of research and development. Avidbots is leading the charge in automated cleaning solutions by delivering a truly touch-free experience, improving workforce efficiency, ensuring consistent productivity, and offering the ability to accurately measure cleaning performance across fleets of robots.”

And per Faizan Sheikh, Avidbots co-founder and CEO:

“Kas – along with Neo 2W – answers a growing need in the market to automate cleaning that spans across all sectors. Retail, in particular, stands at the forefront of automation adoption, and we're thrilled to assist in realizing the industry’s automation objectives. Our customers are seeking a solution that simplifies their cleaning process, reinforces their store image, and allows their teams to focus on higher-value tasks. This is where Avidbots and Kas shine.”

What’s more? Customers can even leverage the Avidbots 24/7 remote assistance, in-depth reporting and analytics, and real-time monitoring through the Avidbots Command Center.

So, the long-story-short of this, readers?

Kas was made to be a “clever new favorite cleaning co-worker” for teams in a variety of commercial settings, and it’s IoT that makes innovations like Kas possible.

More specs available here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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