Netnod Expands in Norway with Bulk Infrastructure AS Data Center

By Ken Briodagh December 18, 2018

According to a recent announcement, Netnod, Internet exchange point in the Nordic region, has selected Bulk Infrastructure AS’s data center, the Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX), as the location for a new ‘on-net’ node.

 “We look for superb connectivity, location, infrastructure, security and uptime when we choose the location of our nodes," said Lars Michael Jogbäck, CEO, Netnod. “That is why we are delighted to choose the Oslo Internet Exchange as we expand our presence in Norway. With OS-IX added as an ‘On Net’ node, we look forward to connecting networks in Norway, the rest of the Nordics, and beyond with the most cost-effective, secure and stable connections.”

Netnod is the largest Internet exchange point operator in the Nordics and offers the highest traffic per peer in Europe. Interconnecting the Nordics with 100 percent uptime since 2002, Netnod operates Internet exchanges in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Luleå, Sundsvall, Copenhagen/Malmo, and Oslo (powered by the Norwegian Internet Exchange). Customers peering at Netnod Internet exchanges benefit from improved speed, stability, redundancy and routing control as well as peering opportunities with some of the largest Content Delivery Networks and transit providers in the world.

Bulk Infrastructure AS's data center, the Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX), was selected as the new Netnod node due to the high quality of its infrastructure, security and networks. It accommodates more than 50 different national and international players with a mix of carriers, ISPs, Network Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. The data center is one of two completed in 2018 in Oslo and Vennesla and represents a significant advance in the Norwegian interconnection market.

 “This way of collecting telecom operators has not been done before in Norway. In a short period of time, Bulk has succeeded in gathering most of the Norwegian players in the same building. Our data center in Oslo has become a cluster for the telecom industry,” said Peder Nærbø, founder and chairman, Bulk Infrastructure AS. “With one of Europe’s largest Internet exchange points choosing our OS-IX data center, it is clear that our strategy of creating a common meeting place has been successful. We will continue to attract other national and international operators to make OS-IX even stronger.”

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Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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