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GE Digital Launches Plant Applications 8 Multi-Modal Manufacturing Execution System

By Ken Briodagh September 17, 2019

In a recent announcement, GE Digital has made available its Plant Applications 8.0, a multi-modal Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Plant Applications 8.0 is designed to help manufacturers leverage real-time production data to optimize operations and the company said it is the first enterprise scale MES that supports discrete, process and multi-modal manufacturing.

Plant Applications 8.0 is built for easy adoption, simplicity to configure, and can be scaled to cover multiple sites globally, helping manufacturers to maximize overall equipment effectiveness, improve production scheduling and drive improvements in product quality.

“The ability to measure the value of aligning manufacturing KPIs – such as OEE – greatly enhances the justification for software investments,” said Craig Resnick, VP, ARC Advisory Group. “By giving manufacturers a comprehensive view of closed-loop processes across scheduling, execution and performance management, GE Digital’s Plant Applications 8.0 enables real-time KPIs such as OEE to be measured, providing the clear evidence of software ROI in a very short period of time.”

“Our goal with this unique software is to provide manufacturers with a flexible solution that delivers value no matter what form operations take,” said Joe Gerstl, Director, Product Management, manufacturing offerings, GE Digital. “Plant Applications 8.0 is built to be easier to use, faster to adapt, and scalable across multiple manufacturing sites and types.”

Plant Applications 8.0 is designed for easy adoption across the enterprise thanks to its seamless interconnectors to manufacturers’ existing ERP systems and other software. The software is built for usability, making sure that everyone, from the plant floor to the C-suite, has the proper insights to make the best decisions at the right time, according to GE Digital.

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