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5G and Wireless IoT Spurring Smart Factory Success

By Maurice Nagle February 12, 2021

Transformation feels like an overused term at this point. And while those 14 words are seemingly inescapable when spanning headlines or speaking to service providers and vendors, in regard to the smart factory and 5G, it is embraced.

Put frankly, factories are inefficient, but by welcoming Industry 4.0 IoT solutions enable the exchange of data, empower with automation and enact AR to provide proactive and prescriptive maintenance and self-healing production lines.

“5G is well positioned to address evolving smart factory needs because of its ability to manage higher bandwidth requirements, reduce latency needed for data processing required on the factory floor, and support the big data volumes necessary from connected equipment,” noted a recent whitepaper from Rohde & Schwarz.

Taking place on March 2nd the webinar, “How 5G and Wireless IoT is Enabling the Smart Factory” offers industrial engineers, operations managers, IT and other pertinent team members insight into what wireless technologies are available, outline summing challenges, highlight best practice and educate on the importance of wireless testing.

James Brehm and Olga Yashkova from James Brehm & Associates will be joined by Joerg Koepp and Melik Kottkamp of Rhode & Schwarz for the hour-long event, bringing attendees unique expertise and perspective on this developing arena.

“By investing in 5G technology along with effective and reliable testing solutions, manufacturers will have fast, secure, and reliable wireless internet, allowing for more advanced services and improved productivity.”

The wait for 5G is over. And it’s living up to the hype.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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