AVIVA Chipset Delivers High Speed In-Vehicle Connectivity

By Greg Tavarez January 31, 2023

With more technologies becoming interconnected comes the demand for faster speeds, more power, and more reliability. In-vehicle connectivity is no exception.

As more vehicles become connected, automobile manufacturers push for standards-based advanced connectivity solutions for the development of the latest generation of autonomous driving and software-defined vehicles.

The standards laid out by manufacturers are met with AVIVA’s Automotive Serdes Alliance-based chipset. AVIVA is an automotive connectivity company that enables advanced multi-gigabit links for in-vehicle networks.

The company’s ASA-based chipset delivers an aggregate throughput of more than 64 Gigabits per second with up to 16GB line rate per port. AVIVA’s integrated and secure end-to-end connectivity solutions move vast amounts of data at the highest speeds, enabling ultra-high resolution cameras, LiDARs, radars and other sensors.

The chipset also comes with a Time Division Duplex PHY architecture that reduces the power consumption per gigabit to less than half compared to other standards-based solutions. This enables smaller camera and sensor modules with better thermals.

Additionally, returning to the topic of reliability, non-overlapping signals and Forward Error Correction ensure highly robust links with excellent signal-to-noise ratios, which eliminates the need for re-transmission and ensures the lowest deterministic latency.

“AVIVA is on a mission to set the bar for speed, power and reliability for in-vehicle networks,” said Kamal Dalmia, co-founder of AVIVA. “Our OEM and Tier 1 customers trust our world class team to deliver on a roadmap that addresses the requirements of advanced vehicle architectures, enabling topologies that have not been feasible until now.”

AVIVA’s scalable portfolio of ICs and software stacks enable OEMs to develop optimized solutions, while exceeding the performance, power, security and cost required for next generation automotive systems.

Edited by Alex Passett
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