Terranet Advances ADAS Technology with Successful BlincVision Testing for Enhanced Road Safety

By Alex Passett June 16, 2023

In its strides toward making urban traffic safer for everyone on the road, Terranet – the developer of specialized Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) solutions – announced the successful controlled laboratory environment testing of its laser scanner prototype. This prototype is an integral component of the company’s BlincVision anti-collision system, and this phase of testing has proven to be very promising when discussing the integration of BlincVision on a larger scale.

Terranet, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and Stuttgart, Germany (the latter of which has been described as “the heart of the European automotive industry) is where the company conducted its extensive BlincVision testing; specifically, under fluorescent lighting conditions indoors. With this laser scanner, Terranet’s goal was for it to detect road objects up to 10 times faster (and with pointedly higher accuracy scores) than other available ADAS technologies.

In conjunction with existing vehicle camera deployments, the scanner:

  • Operated five near-infrared beams at a peak power of 60W total, and had a repetition rate of 400kHz
  • Effectively visualized objects within a range of 5 to 30 meters
  • Continuously provided precise, time-stamped 2D shapes, which were then further triangulated into a 4D scene by BlincVision’s computing unit

“During the laser scanner prototype testing, we were very pleased to showcase the exceptional-but-expected capabilities of the eye-safe BlincVision system,” said Nihat Küçük, Terranet's CTO. “It effectively filters out ambient noise and irrelevant data, focusing solely on clearly outlined objects. We successfully demonstrated that our vision software is highly capable of capturing, processing and forwarding real-time events triggered by five simultaneously arriving laser beams.”

In the future, Terranet’s team objective is to ensure that BlincVision achieves precision object detection within 10 milliseconds.

In the meantime, given the trajectory of BlincVision, Terranet moves a step closer to saving lives on urban roadways.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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