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Connecting to the Cloud with 'Visual Wiring'

By Ken Briodagh June 30, 2015

Building scalable and reliable M2M applications seems like it should be easy, but in reality, it is practically and technically difficult. Key requirements include the ability to capture sensor data, to send that data to the cloud, to process the data, and then to present the results to users.

Option, a provider of edge computing connections, announced on June 29 its new solution, Luvit-RED. This product is a visually configurable tool for designing and deployment of M2M solutions. Luvit-RED connects and matches local devices, industrial assets and sensors to remote servers via what’s called “visual wiring,” with almost no programming required. It uses a drag and drop user interface to replace software coding so that M2M applications can be designed with just a few mouse clicks.

“Luvit-RED increases the value of the CloudGate solution to all parties in the ecosystem, by addressing a key business issue when creating M2M applications,” said Frank Deschuytere, CEO, Option.

“Applications can be time-intensive and costly to design, prototype and test before deployment, which leads to longer time to a solution and can make sales cycles longer, especially for the system integrator or reseller community. By releasing Luvit-RED, Option is facilitating new opportunities in the M2M and IoT spaces, because there will be far less risk in developing new and creative application ideas.”

Image via Shutterstock

Luvit-RED was developed by Option using elements of its Node-RED UI, and refined to make the most of the Option CloudGate device and ecosystem. With Luvit-RED, development processes that used to take days, weeks and months can be reduced to minutes or hours. The time savings, when combined with the need for only minimal programming and technical skill, mean that companies designing M2M applications can focus on innovation and delivering value, rather than technical concerns.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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