Clear Blue Wins Patent for Smart Off-Grid Dynamic Charging Technology

By Ken Briodagh February 20, 2020

Clear Blue Technologies has announced receiving its U.S. Patent for its Smart Off-Grid Dynamic Charging algorithms. These new algorithms reportedly deliver reliability and long system life through Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid performance.

Charging is the number one factor that affects system life and uptime reliability, Clear Blue said. Its users reportedly save money and time over the cost of connecting to the grid, but, the company said, shortened battery life can totally negate these benefits.

“Charging of batteries in a Solar Off-Grid system is a significant and unique challenge. As a result, traditional battery charging methods are unreliable and don’t work,” said John Tuerk, chief power officer, Clear Blue Technologies. “Timers, for example, won't work since the amount of energy from solar changes at any given time. Charge curves also become virtually useless.”

As batteries’ life extends, charging needs to change. Batteries can have shortened life spans due to overcharging, undercharging and partial charging. In an Off-Grid world, charging properly can be a challenge thanks to unpredictable inputs and too little visibility into the actual state of the battery.

“Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid Dynamic Charging Patent is the solution to this problem. It provides the dynamic ability to adapt the charging profile driven by various factors including the ones mentioned here. This patented intellectual property enables Clear Blue to optimize battery charging based upon the specific application, differences in battery chemistry, unpredictable energy sources, and other environmental factors,” said Tuerk.

Energy-as-a-Service is a fast-growing business model within the power industry. This alternative to traditional, capital-intensive energy acquisition allows commercial and industrial customers to purchase an annual subscription for energy services.

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