Readix Focuses on Specialized IoT Solutions from Design to Software


Readix Engineering Solutions was in the business of the Internet of Things (IoT) before the vast network of M2M devices and connections was given that moniker. The company works with developers, engineering teams and entrepreneurs to identify their specific connectivity requirements and challenges and develop customized solutions to help organizations meet their objectives.

Peter Bernstein, senior editor at, got a chance to catch up with Jhury Abuabara, president of Florida-based Readix, at the recent ITEXPO Florida 2016 event. Abuabara said the company started out focusing on the development of low-power wireless networks and created a product line based on their research and development.

“We provide and mix electronic design and embedded design software, mechanical and manufacturing,” he said of Readix. “It’s basically a one-stop solution for our customers.”

The company initially focused on IoT offerings for the industrial and security markets and is now expanding to serve other verticals like consumer electronics. Abuabara said the market is especially ripe for IoT with broad awareness and mobile usage on the customer side already, and Readix is working on location tracking and security services.

The company has also been focused on transportation with a solution geared toward tankers and large loads. The offering works in harsh environments and offers high levels of security as well as a long battery life span.

“Wherever you have access and you need security for that access point, this application will work,” said Abuabara of the company’s development work.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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