Radix IoT Announces Public Release of Mango Series 4


Due to its fiber, vitamins and delicious taste, the mango in many eyes is a superfood – just ask George Constanza. Fueling ones body is life sustaining, so superfoods like mangoes play a pivotal role. What if I told you Mango is just as important to your IoT initiative? No, I’m not as crazy as that sounds, just ask Radix IoT.

Today, Radix IoT officially unveiled a major Mango platform update providing OEMs with a seamless path to IoT-enablement of their products and public release of Mango Series 4.

Pairing Mango with the Radix IoT platform delivers a robust toolkit for developing an inclusive IoT solution, leveraging a global ecosystem and only limited by creativity.

Mango Series 4 promises backend scaling, frontend scaling, enhanced enterprise administrative experience, new user permissions and role structure, security enhancements, analytics driven API and OEM focused integration.

Chief Product Officer Radix IoT Michael Skurla explained in a recent interview, “The platform has been out for about eight months with larger clients with tens of thousands of locations. We are now making it publicly available to people for download. Where it really excels is with autonomous locations that don’t have people to maintain them.”

Radix IoT is able to take data from multiple locations and centralize a repository, without scale limitations. Mango Series 4 empowers OEMs and their customers with not only a user friendly and accelerated enablement but proactive asset management and remote monitoring of commissioned equipment, delivering the ability to create IoT-compatible infrastructure at a global scale.

Aside from the performance piece, pricing is a key differentiator for Radix IoT. Skurla explained the competition prices by device, whereas Radix bases cost on number of sites. The SaaS model makes delivery simple, and because of investment in cellular connectivity, infrastructure cost is minimized. Pricing doesn’t need to be prohibitive.

It sounds like time for some more Mango in your life.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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