Mango OS Makes Way to APAC Region


The mango is overrated to some, underrated to others, and integral to the IoT and the advance of Industry 4.0. Since its public unveiling, the Radix IoT Mango Series 4 platform put seamless IoT enablement in OEM’s hands, and these hands remain busy.

IoT Evolution Expo Silver Sponsor Radix IoT announced a partnership with Australian-based Techstream Systems, a provider of innovative building technologies and services augmenting Mango OS unified IoT platform presence across the APAC region.

“Our partnership with Techstream Systems allows Radix IoT to expand distribution, design services and customer support into APAC. Techstream is a world class operation that is able to not only deploy solutions with Mango but have proven themselves as strong advocates of our platform and its unique capabilities across verticals,” said Michael Skurla, Chief Product Officer at Radix IoT, LLC.

Techstream Systems plans to integrate Mango into holistic building automation solutions, and more importantly, continue to remain compliant with requirements for the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star and the National Australian Built Environment Rating System. In support of compliance measures, Techstream will include Mango advanced alarming and additional integrated tools for granular data visibility and insight for rating verification.

Customers can work with Techstream developers to refine reporting and operations with actionable data, and the Mango platform promises to scale to meet the demands of projects of any size.

“To help building owners to achieve and maintain the designed Green Star Rating, we searched for an easy-to-engineer and easy-to-use solution to provide real-time metering and reporting of energy consumption to complement and enhance existing and new building management systems. After testing many solutions, I can confidently say that Radix IoT’s Mango is the best available solution in the market,” says Victor Wang, Founder of Techstream Systems Pty Ltd.

To the edge and beyond, IoT is experiencing explosive growth, and Radix IoT is riding a wave of innovation and adoption.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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